The Best Tekken Game

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User Info: EvilSakurai

5 years ago#11
PSN:omegamarth. I play fighting games.
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User Info: Magegg

5 years ago#12
I don't know, never played one :|

User Info: aiiirik

5 years ago#13
I'm tempted to say this one, but my nostalgia goggles are way too powerful.

So T3 > T2 > This > Rest
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User Info: FullAutoCVT

5 years ago#14
In my opinion, T2 is overrated. I didn't enjoy Tekken's physics and general gameplay until T3, though most of my favorite characters were introduced in the first game. Don't get me wrong, T1 and T2 are fun games, but I didn't become a habitual Tekken player until the third one. Since I place rosters above state-of-the-artness, TTT2 is my favorite, followed by TTT1.
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User Info: Solid Sonic

Solid Sonic
5 years ago#15
Getting rid of the high jumps and adding sidesteps went a long way to making Tekken legit.

Much the same happened with Virtua Fighter when 3 hit and it too did those things.
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User Info: EmbraceChaos

5 years ago#16
This one, then Tekken Tag 1, and then Tekken 3.

As far as favorites though, This one, then Tekken 2, followed by Tekken Tag 1, and Tekken 3.
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User Info: EmiliaTheSage

5 years ago#17
FullAutoCVT posted...
From: TigerJackson_ | #002
tekken gba because its portable and the characters are CUTE! ^_^


I'd say TTT2, then TTT1, then the games in order from T6-T1.

This ^

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User Info: BluntGrunt

5 years ago#18
Tekken Advance. And I'm totally cereal.

User Info: ultradaved

5 years ago#19
My opinion...

DR > TTT1 > T5.0 > T3 > T6 > TTT2 > T4 >> T2 >>>>T1. Didn't play BR or Advance, and I played T1 and T2 after playing T3 and TTT1 (was hard to go back).

User Info: scarlet_puppy

5 years ago#20
TTT2 > BR > TTT1 > T5 > T3 > T2 > T4 > T1

Excluding Tekken 4, they did a good job of making each successive game better than the last.
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