If You Could Bring Back A Past Stage?

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User Info: Beastofprey0079

4 years ago#21
natsume20 posted...
Tekken 5 DR - The one with hearts on it. (Seriously I kinda like that stage.....)

You mean Playroom? Lili's Stage?
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User Info: retep_one

4 years ago#23
Amazak posted...
Hidden Retreat.


all the stages but that LOL
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User Info: infernopro

4 years ago#24
Tekken: Chicago or Venezia

Tekken 2: Launch Pad

Tekken 3: Xio's Carnival Stage

Tekken Tag: King's Ring Stage

Tekken 4: Airport Stage

Tekken 5: Dragon's Nest

Tekken DR: Garden of The Tiger or Poolside

Tekken 6: Fallen Colony
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User Info: KonaseRitsuko

4 years ago#25
All of Tekken 4's stages.
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User Info: __Kaine__

4 years ago#26
Azazel's chamber.. or fallen colony..
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User Info: MasterFoxCheif3

4 years ago#27
The sheepy sheep sheep stage from Tekken 6 because of its awesome song!

User Info: iori_iezzi

4 years ago#28
Any Tekken 4 stage

And the Tekken 2 Mirror stage.

User Info: nurblug

4 years ago#29
If I could only choose one, it'd be a tossup between T4 Jungle and T6 Mystical Forest (since they're like the same anyway). As for all the stages I'd like to see return, ghetto pit / urban jungle / underground, the beach (to go with the swimsuits and the pool stage), shinjuku, and every stage from T3.

User Info: XWolfO

4 years ago#30
TTT or T3 King stage.
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