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User Info: BIG_ANAS

4 years ago#1
hi how about we make this topic a hidden move source

i will list what i know with the characters i play with

before i start here is the legend http://www.tekkenzaibatsu.com/legend

i will start with Marshall law

1, 2~b,f <<< (DSS)

1, 2, f+2, 2~b,f <<< (DSS)

1, 2, u/f+3, 4~b,f <<< (DFS)

b+1~b,f <<< (DSS)

b+1, 2~b,f <<< (DSS)

WS+1~b,f <<< (DSS)

WS+1, 2~b,f <<< (DSS)

2,f+2,2~b,f <<< (DSS)

b+2, 2~b,f <<< (DSS)

b+2, 3, 4~b,f <<< (DFS) or ~b,f,f <<< (DSS)

SS+2~b,f <<< (DSS)

SS+2, 1~b,f <<< (DSS)

SS+2, 1, 2~b,f <<< (DSS)

f, f+3~b,f <<< (DFS) or ~b,f,f <<< (DSS)

(U/F or U or U/B)+3,4~b,f <<< (DSS)

WS+3~b,f <<< from(DFS) to (DSS)

Hold 1+2+3+4, 2

4,(u_u/f)+3~b,f <<< (DFS)

4, 3~b,f <<< (DFS) or ~b,f,f <<< (DSS)

4, 3, 4~b,f <<< (DFS) or ~b,f,f <<< (DSS)

WS+4~b,f <<< (DFS) or ~b,f,f <<< (DSS)

(FU/FT)or(FU/FA) 1+2+3+4

U/B+4~B+hold <<< (DSS)


b+2+4~b,f <<< (DSS) *Only if Parry Connects*

(DFS)~b,f <<< (DSS)

(DFS)or(DSS), f+3~b,f <<< (DFS) or ~b,f,f <<< (DSS)

(DFS)or(DSS), f+2,f+2,2~b,f <<< (DSS)

WR+3~1+2 <<< goes into charge <<< im surprised that not alot of people know this move in particular

and now paul

paul can do a Super Flipkick exactly like law's

but only when law is his partner

the Super Flipkick is FC (U/B_U_U/F)+3+4

*side note: paul's Super Flipkick can only be done with U/F+3+4 only



thats what i know if anyone can add anything please do
so everyone can learn more

User Info: BIG_ANAS

4 years ago#2
cmon. nothing really??

User Info: FullAutoCVT

4 years ago#3
Was True Ogre's "Demon's Feast" counter a real move or just a myth? It would be funny to see him start eating someone in the middle of a fight.
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User Info: darkdragonflame

4 years ago#4
Armor King
1+2+3+4, cd+1+2

Also I think an airgrab from king isn't on the list but I am not sure.
I think it was mid-air 2+4 and no it isn't SW.
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User Info: The_Blacknoah

4 years ago#5
FullAutoCVT posted...
Was True Ogre's "Demon's Feast" counter a real move or just a myth? It would be funny to see him start eating someone in the middle of a fight.

It was a move back in T3 & TTT1. It's a mid-punch counter. You hold down-forward on the pad, making him crouch. Anyone foolish enough to try to punish him w/ d+1/d+2 or df+1 are going to be countered. Sadly, it's damage is not that great to make it worth-while. It also no longer exist here in TTT2. :/
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User Info: The_Cool_Kid

4 years ago#6
Someone should just make a FAQ for all secret moves. It would be easier than searching multiple pages for a certain character
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User Info: ultradaved

4 years ago#7
Some generic moves may be covered in Fight Lab but aren't on the command list (forget which ones). They include:

Generic get-up attacks, some generic running attacks, wall-spring attacks (b, u/b), generic BT attacks (including throws), generic jump~N options, or generic WS+1_3_4 (I think everybody's WS+2 is specific, but I don't recall). Tag throws and special tag throws aren't listed and neither are "great" combos.

Characters like Nina and Anna who have back hand springs (b, u/b).

King/Nina/DJ/Marduk/Drag/Paul reverse tackle armbars: 1+2, 2 x 5.

King/Nina/Marduk/Drag reverse tackle leglocks: 1+2, 1 x 5.

Paul and Drag reverse tackle punch strings starting with 2: (1+2) X 3. I think that there's a "right" way to do this move that I forgot.

Doesn't clarify that ultimate tackle works from behind or that you have different punch strings available (usually only lists one, and that's only if your character can ultimate tackle without running). Doesn't make clear that you can do an armbar/leglock after punching first.


BT 1+4 or JS

RK reverse : 3+4 for Figure-4 leglock.

Generic Figure-4 revenge (: 3+4).

Air SW with JS 1+4_2+3

Wall-splat throw can also be done with running air SW or JS 1+4_2+3

CD+1 (only list as FC D/F+1).

1+2 (ends BT). Only lists 1+2, 1 and 1+2, 3.

Can do Cannonball Buster (2, 2, 1+2) after Backdrop in Reverse Arm Slam line. All Cannonball Buster follow-ups are possible.

RSSB out of Mexican Magma Drive can be followed by Cannonball Buster and all subsequent lines.

RSSB from back or side begins as Cannonball Buster.

Lists 1,2,D+2+4 and 1,2,1,d+2+4 as Jumping Powerbomb. He hasn't had that throw since DR, and it was done with d+1+3, anyway. He actually does a pump-handle slam, which the game calls "V-Driver."

Ali Kicks (Stagger Kicks) can also be done as FC D/F+4 or running 4.

Running 3+4 (AK either).

Anna's Treading Water to Hunting Swan (f,f+3,4,3~b : 1+2).

User Info: iceman0736

4 years ago#8
Asuka has had one since T5

1+2+3+4, d/f 3+4,3+4, 1+2

you have to do the inputs pretty fast...its an unreversable tackle and she says stuff in japanese while punching

yoshimitsu and bryan

1+2+3+4, b,f,u,d,3+4

Yoshimitsu does bryans taunt then spits the mist..Yoshi can even get a juggle off of it if the mist hits bryan

Ganryu and Julia also had one.

1+2+3+4 ~ 2 ~ 3

He runs up and hugs julia and if the julia player presses 1 she'll slap him for 40 damage. Not sure if it works in TTT2 though.
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User Info: BIG_ANAS

4 years ago#9
we should gather all the stuff in here and make an FAQ out of them

i know some secret moves here and there (some of them i learned from the internet and some i found out about while playing)

like Bryan's 1+3+4 then B+1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2
and 1+3+4 then f,f+2

and yoshimitsu's 1+2+3+4,b,f,u,d+1+4
and that vanishing counter with the 1+2 the moment you receive a hit
and f,f+1+2~1+4 where he grabs the face of the opponent after the f,f+1+2 flip
and BT,b~1+4 does the same face grab
and after pressing 1+2 press f for a quick dash

and jaycee's d,d/f+3~1 just like Michelle's f+3~1 and it only works with kung fu people
(wang, lei, xiayou, leo, Feng) and Michelle

and marshall's getting up animation when he's down and facing up
press 1+2+3+4

and king's fast version of the HOLD U/F+1+2 is u,u/f+1+2,u....i usually mash between up and up+forward because i don't know what is the precise timing when to press 1+2

and anna's f,f+3,4,3~1+2

heihachi's 1+2+3+4~d,u~u/f+3+4

and raven's d+1+2...until raven yells differently and while he yells that new sound press
and b,b+2 while receiving a hit raven will vanish and counter with a fast...(but still dodge-able and counter-able) kick from the air

and ganryu's 1+2~d/b+1+2 will take him into his super move

and jun/unknown's b+1+2 reverses low hits and counter grabs

and lee/and maybe violet's d+4,4~3+4 will take him into his super kick

there's a move that true oger have but i dont know how its done that i've seen on a YouTube video and here's the link

on 3:23 oger cancels his fire breath into an air head crash
does anyone know how it's done?
and how does yoshimitsu in the video quickly switch back to the 1st character after doing the f+3+4?
and in the 2nd half of the video how does yoshimitsu not hit the wall after his f+3+4?

User Info: retep_one

4 years ago#10
link and its notations. but it's tekken 6. none for TTT2 yet
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