so just got this game, any beginner tips? where should i start?

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  3. so just got this game, any beginner tips? where should i start?

User Info: ManuKesna

4 years ago#1
I havent played tekken in a long time :(
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4 years ago#2
metal gear solid 3 sux

but use lars. best beginner tip anyone can offer.

User Info: spiralofnine

4 years ago#3
Just getting into this game as well and its a bit daunting. I went backwards and forwards through Tekken 5 to the point where I could use Mokojin and get combos down with each character but this is a whole different level of complexity (since Ive been out for a couple of games) and the juggles seem tighter (so far).

My beginning experience is going through Arcade with most of the characters to find 4 or 5 that I find interesting and then going into Practice mode and going through the characters thoroughly. So far Im looking at Kunimitsu, Nina, Ganryu, Asuka and Jinpachi

User Info: ethicalanalisys

4 years ago#4
best advice I can give you is do not be discouraged. There are a lot of people out there that have been playing this series since day one, like myself.

You should visit tekken zaibatsu if you're looking to get better at the game.

and regardless of what people around this forum will say, play with the character you like the most since it will make the game a lot more fun.

I love lei wulong, something about switching through t=all the kung fu stances makes me fill like jet li or something, lol.
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User Info: alphagamble

4 years ago#5
Go through the cast, pick a character you like and stick with them
Don't try to do insanely damaging combos, go for reliable damage
Learn how to get off the floor

Be patient, some people have over 10 year's experience with Tekken.
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User Info: flaire

4 years ago#6
lili/lars are both stupid easy to play
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User Info: CrawlThruKnives

4 years ago#7
TIGERJACKS0N posted...
metal gear solid 3 sux

What blasphemy is this?

If you have the time check out a Level Up Your Game video on Youtube for the game, preferably the first one that goes over the basics.

If you don't have the time then you're probably not gonna have the time to get good at this game. But you can try going into practice and going through the move list picking out moves that look like they'd be useful and finding what moves string together for small combos. I imagine you could still enjoy the game like that.

User Info: Biohazard6679

4 years ago#8
Go to avoiding the puddle, that site will help immensely.

User Info: AlexEternalCham

4 years ago#9
flaire posted...
lili/lars are both stupid easy to play

I beg your pardon good sir, Lili WAS EXTREMELY EASY TO PLAY back in T6 she was nerfed so badly in TTT2 that she's not even half as easy as she's been before. Against opponents who rely heavily on guarding you have to mix up a lot and the fact that Lili's lows LITERALLY BLOW doesn't make things easy at all.

Now don't misunderstand I'm not saying she's a DIFFICULT character to play, but there's a ton of other characters which are significantly easier to play.

I'd even go as far as saying out of the 6 characters I play mostly play Jun/Unknown/Asuka/Jin/Kunimitsu/Lili Lili is the one that makes life most difficult.

In conclusion while Lili is an easy to pick up choice and will get you to the 4th-5th Dan easy, once you get passed that point it becomes a completely different story, people will defend better will wait up and bait whiffs etc.

Now before I'm going to be told I have no idea what i'm talking about

I got to Master (6th Dan) with 5 of those characters each one with a win ratio of 85%+, (and in less than 40 games per character) after the game started to match me up against green ranks and above the ratio went down with most characters and is now anywhere between 72% and 81%, the heaviest loss in win ratio was suffered by Lili who went from 90% win rate to around 73% by the time i hit Marauder

If you do end up trying Lili make sure you learn almost the entire move list because if you want to do have a good offence that won't be too predictable you will need a lot of moves and you will need to learn to lay traps, bait, and other things like that.

IMO Kunimitsu and Asuka are alot easier to play and win with than Lili is. But than again it might be just my opinion but since Lili is still my favorite character despite the fact that I don't like her quite as much as I did in T6 i thought I'd give you my 2 cents

User Info: TehBrawluh

4 years ago#10
ethicalanalisys posted...

I love lei wulong, something about switching through t=all the kung fu stances makes me fill like jet li or something, lol.

Using Lei makes you feel like Jet Li? REALLY?!
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  3. so just got this game, any beginner tips? where should i start?

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