Is this outfit in the game?

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  3. Is this outfit in the game?

User Info: Shinra-Army

4 years ago#1!Lars_Tekken_6_Kishimoto.jpg
WRRYYYYers posted...
I am a former Spetsnaz operative and I have killed a taekwondo master before.

User Info: PandaXiaoyu

4 years ago#2
Nope I'm surprised it isn't

User Info: werewolfgold

4 years ago#3
The special costumes for T6 (and the ones for T5) were a one-time contract deal.
The full moon is beautiful, don't you think? Have you ever had the chance to look at it?

User Info: Lacrymosa143

4 years ago#4
I would have loved it if Lili's outfit was in this game

User Info: Kilik-ili

4 years ago#5
that outfit was really stupid anyway. i mean wth, gold claws and crescent moon hair? what's he supposed to be a fighting mosque???

f that naruto design, so stupid. lars' original design was already ridiculous enough and i didn't expect him to get a worse design that time lol.
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  3. Is this outfit in the game?

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