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User Info: RainmakerOkada

4 years ago#1
Hi, I've played Tekken for years since the first but never online. I am trying to get the platinum trophy, but I keep getting wasted online. I've only won 1 out of 22 fights so far. I'm using Dragunov & Lee. I just can't seem to win anything, any tips on how I can fare better?

User Info: Navarex

4 years ago#2
Weeelll If you're losing that much between you and me there's a spam you can do with drag that works 80% of the time, you just have to mash b4,2,1 over and over again
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User Info: KonaseRitsuko

4 years ago#3
Try to learn a simple launcher+combo, use it online to at least help you deal more damage than just attacking. And don't worry, constant playing online even without enough wins should get you to 1st dan (which is a trophy right?) so don't stress yourself too much!
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User Info: CrawlThruKnives

4 years ago#4
What are the trophy requirements? I haven't looked as I don't give two s**** about trophies. But 1:22 is pretty horrible. Opponents are usually incredibly easy, even for more "beginner" type players, until up around Mentor rank or so when newer people might start having real trouble. And if I remember correctly the online trophy is unlocked by reaching first dan or something?

If you're really desperate you could just keep playing until you reach the rank; even if you lose you'll eventually get there just from battle experience.

I think it's a far better option to learn a few key combos with a character or two that you like and play really defensively. Most new players seem to have a really difficult time facing an opponent with a solid defense that blocks all their moves and strictly counters. To be honest, for the early ranks of the game you don't even have to be that good at the game. You just have to have good tactics and understand defensive play styles.

User Info: ultradaved

4 years ago#5
Solo Paul. Lots of jabbing, QCF+2, and Demo Man. I play Paul and there's a lot more to him than that, but that alone will probably get you to 1st Dan before too long. Also, don't be afraid to throw.

Good luck and happy HWAAAA-ing.

User Info: Liam2600

4 years ago#6
Pokes are essential, learning how to punish, and also learn a few juggles. Also spacing and timing is everything. Learning how to break throws, too, which is probably the most difficult aspect of Tekken.

Check out my thread:

It'll give a scrub all the info they need. And when it comes to Dragunov's spam, which is b+4,2,1 over and over and over again, just remember one thing. If your opponent is smart, they'll realize that the last hit of the 3 hits HIGH and can be ducked on reaction and then WS punished easily. So be warey of that. If you're convinced that your opponent doesn't know about that little evasion tactic, then by all means, spam away. If you actually want to get GOOD, though, and make it to the disciple+ ranks, then read my thread and retain as much of that knowledge as you can.
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User Info: Navarex

4 years ago#7
For the record I only told him that because he's having a lose steak and most low level player will keep getting hit. My dragunov personally is really good if I do say so my self
omg das ofensive pls delet it -__-
i'm not gonna reason with you, i'm just gonna shoot you

User Info: EmiliaTheSage

4 years ago#8
Alternate between lows and grabs.
Alternate between blocking and sidestepping.
Make your opponent guess.

That's all I did to increase my W/L ratio somehow.
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