I've had the game since release.

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User Info: gearofages

4 years ago#1
And I have lost 39 matches in a row.

I don't understand what people do to be so good at this game.

User Info: ToxicJuicebox

4 years ago#2
Figure out why you lost those matches and what you can improve on. Learn your character. Change things up, obviously what you're doing isn't working. Try to find something new that works better for you.

User Info: LilRoss2k3

4 years ago#3
aw yes...i lost about 500 before i even got mediocre at tekken 5 (when i started to take the game serious)
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User Info: Entenfreund

4 years ago#4
who are you playing with? what moves do you use? what is your biggest problem when facing opponents? work on your deficits and spend time in practice mode. learn at least a few juggles to punish relentless spamming of beginners

User Info: gearofages

4 years ago#5
I use Wang, for now. I know a few juggles. My problem is blocking and getting off of the ground. I don't have any response for the relentless spamming. I actually do as well with Mokujin, so maybe I should pick another character.

User Info: Dark_Despair

4 years ago#6
^ Uhhh who is your partner? having a partner is just as important as deciding who's the point character and who's the anchor.
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User Info: gearofages

4 years ago#7
No one. I almost always play solo.


4 years ago#8
You ever tried running Wang with a partner? Solo may be better if you're starting out and learning the character but having a team would be better in the long run

In any case it sounds like you just need to work on your basics. Movement, spacing, poking, block punishment and whiff punishment are good places to start. Even with a few of these things you shouldn't be losing that many in a row

User Info: whirow

4 years ago#9
This game has a much steeper learning curve.
Number of match ups, ways to get up, the spacing and stepping.
1st thing to do is to know what you are doing rather than press a few buttons and pray something happens~
Scrub Mentality: When you lose, its either: Lag, Opponent Character is Broken, Spam. Remember, it is never your own damn fault

User Info: AlexEternalCham

4 years ago#10
when you get knocked down avoid back tech roll like the plague is pretty much the most riski way of getting up after a combo because if the opponent keeps attacking you will get hit over and over and even relaunched if the opponent knows what he's doing.

best way to stand up is a roll in the background or in the foreground using 1+ directional buttons (at least best when you have some room for maneuver)

if your opponent keeps attacking continously try looking for a gap in his strings and stand up with a middle kick or low kick.

IF YOUR OPPONENT IS FAR ENOUGH only than use back techroll, if u use back techroll whileyour opponent is next to you is like asking to be hit some more. MORE TO IT NEVER ABSOLUTELY NEVER use back tech roll next to a wall (i know is common sense but so many people still do it is stupid).

if you get knocked down with a heavy knockdown move and would like to stand up quick just hold forward and your character will automatically do a standing flip to get back in action.

And another very good way to stand up as you see your opponent attacking you is to hold directional button down and push 3 (it will do a VERY QUICK kick attack interupting the string and allowing you to stand up).

Also if you are very bad with defense learn to space properly because A LOT of players will wiff if you space properly (and from what your saying if you lost 39 matches in a row I think you are pretty low rank so at low ranks people whiffing due to spacing happens EVERY MATCH and pretty much every round.

You don't need to be a master of backdash cancel to make people at low rank whiff just need to do it decently which is very easy and your opponent will screw up more often than you see sun in the summer lol
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