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User Info: HanzoSalamnder

4 years ago#1
is online still active??, i want to pick up the game but i dont have local competition.
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User Info: dawnset

4 years ago#2
yup plenty of people
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User Info: QwelzaarKane

4 years ago#3
Pretty active, yeah. Arenas are hit or miss, at least for North/Central America, but doing ranked matches you'll rarely have to wait more than like 15 seconds to find a match.
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User Info: aburame13

4 years ago#4
Just to warn you, rage WILL ensue when playing online.
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User Info: Amazak

4 years ago#5
aburame13 posted...
Just to warn you, rage WILL ensue when playing online.

Are you Aris?

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