how does this compare to the original?

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  3. how does this compare to the original?

User Info: johnphenomenon

5 years ago#1



Anyway, I'm not sure I want to get this game. I absolutely loved Alan Wake, it's one of my favorite games of all time. But the reason why I loved it is about 90% because of the story, atmosphere, and presentation. Alan Wake is the most immersing, addictive, fascinating, intriguing game I've ever played. I finished it in like a day, because I couldn't stop playing. The story was so unbelievably brilliant and I wanted to know what happened next so bad. It was like a video game version of a "page-turner." The atmosphere was terrifying and really sucked you into the story and I loved that.

I actually didn't care too much for the gameplay. At first, it seems really fun and original, but it gets old really fast, and even on the easiest difficulty, I found it too hard. Another thing, I don't even like horror games! This is the first horror game that I actually played through all the way (tried several times on several occasions with other games, but couldn't because I scare too easily). This game was so good that it made me play a type of game that I didn't like!

My problem is that I understand that this game is sort of light on the story and more focused on the action. The only real complaint I had about Alan Wake was that there was too much combat. It got boring and repititive really fast, and if it wasn't for the story, I would've stopped playing halfway through. And seeing as this game is all action, I'm worried I won't enjoy it. What do you guys think? I want to buy it even if the story is light, because I'm dying for ANYTHING Alan Wake, but if it's really that bad (the story) then maybe it's not worth it.

User Info: EmperorAquaman

5 years ago#2
I will tell you at six am when the game comes out.

User Info: VideoGamerRob

5 years ago#3
If you liked Alan Wake for the ambiance this won't be as good. It's more fast paced and centered on combat. The analogy I thought of when playing it was that if you think of Alan Wake as Alien, then American Nightmare is Aliens.

I really enjoyed the first game, and I really enjoyed this one as well even though there are only three areas (motel, observatory, drive-in) that you keep revisiting. If you legitimately didn't like the combat, though, I'm not sure how much value you're going to get as the story mode is only 5-6 hours and most of the replay aspect comes from the Arcade, which is entirely combat driven.

Combat is pretty much the same except you're not so limited in terms of guns or ammo, and there are multiple points in each area where you can refill your bullets and flashlight batteries so conservation is out the window. Anyway, hope that helps.
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User Info: Dark_Epathy

5 years ago#4
To be fair to American Nightmare, conservation was never really viable in the original game, either. Even on Nightmare, the game provided you with generous amounts of ammunition and batteries.

I haven't played this game yet, so I can't really give you a clear recommendation. The combat is the focus here, so if it's that much of an issue, maybe you won't enjoy it. The first game had a lot of combat, and it's hard for me to imagine this game actually has more.
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  3. how does this compare to the original?

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