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User Info: CulganSaysHi

5 years ago#1
Hey everyone, I made this video guide for every challenge with every team for those you that are having some trouble completing the challenges. Hope this helps.

Full Playlist -

Meet The Council

1. Ladder Climb

2. Knight Fight

3. Warrior Bash

4. Firestorm

5. Switcheroo

6. Wizard Dance

7. Cluster Bomb

Meet The Dark Elves

1. Pull Me Around

2. Nom Nom Nom

3. Knight Crossing

4. Hard Target

5. Choices, Choices

6. Three vs. Three

7. Let's Be Bad

Meet The Dwarves

1. Surprise Attack

2. Pick Me, Pick Me!

3. Weakened Foes

4. Outnumbered

5. Team Effort

6. Shotgun Fun

7. Decisions

Meet The Tribe

1. He Stands Alone

2. Pain Train

3. Dwarf Go Boom

4. Clear A Path

5. Options Galore

6. Think Carefully

7. Warrior Time

Meet Team Fortress 2

1. It Takes Two

2. Choo Choo

3. Skirmish

4. Get Him!

5. Line Them Up

6. Stabbing Time

7. Teamwork, Please
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