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User Info: Yams

5 years ago#1
Sorry. I'm just trying to fit in.

Really though, this looks like quite the sleeper. Not a sleeper hit, of course, but just a game that nobody even tried to spread the word about. Some minis even get more publicity. >_>;

User Info: KratosWarrior

5 years ago#2
*When in doubt, check the FAQ.

User Info: Outlaws76

5 years ago#3
I love the actual card game, so was hoping this'd give me a way to play it with noone around. Unfortunately, it seems that not many people picked it up. Tried to set up an online game twice. Both times, one or twopeople would wander in after a while, and eventually leave because the total game population never exceeded three.

I'll keep an eye on these boards, to see if someone wants to set up a time for a game.

User Info: Oomomo

5 years ago#4
It's picked up now that Christmas has pasted, but the servers are horrible! If someone leaves, it wrecks the whole game.

User Info: MrHat48

5 years ago#5
I find that more people play at night CST.
PSN: Lostprophet

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