Post here if your favourite Pokemon got left out

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User Info: InfamousCarl

5 years ago#71
Was worried for a minute, but Scyther and Scizor are right near the bottom of that list.

Houndoom would've been nice to have though

User Info: Yamato_san

5 years ago#72
No Empoleon, Sceptile, Darkrai, Giratina, Porygon, Staraptor, and Deoxys?

what? Not only are Empoleon, Sceptile, and Staraptor included, but you can acquire their unevolved forms within like the first 5 battles of the game.

User Info: 1998_z

5 years ago#73
Lack of Swampert makes me disappointed.
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User Info: Nintendo_MyLife

5 years ago#74
milotic :( :( :(

User Info: mellotune

5 years ago#75
No Togekiss?! That's horrible!

My second favorite, Charizard, is in.

And no Milotic. :(
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User Info: XFallenPetals

5 years ago#76
Skitty isn't in the game. ;__; </3
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User Info: Epic_McDude

5 years ago#77
No Totodile?! (One of my favorites.) What the *bleep*?

Oh well, at least a fair bit of others I liked got in! :-P

My absolute favorite, Rayquaza is in. So that's legit. Can't wait for this game.
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User Info: Shumanigans

5 years ago#78
Starmie and Jellicent :(

They should really never make a pokemon game that leaves out seemingly random pokemon. At least when they did it during generations 3 and onward, there were still ways to get everyone. Here, it looks set. So yeah.

User Info: Mister Leonheart

Mister Leonheart
5 years ago#79
Pretty much everything I've even half-way liked design wise is included. I could not be happier.
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User Info: GastroFan

5 years ago#80
I still don't see how a genetically created pokemon (Mewtwo) got into this game whereas Porygon didn't. Nobody back then had the technology in order to create Mewtwo either...

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