Did you preorder?

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User Info: zinformant

5 years ago#1
Discuss. I did.
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User Info: DarkDragonSpyro

5 years ago#2
I Did Pre-Order Mine
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User Info: felipin24

5 years ago#3
if you pre order this game on gamestop they give you 5 more pokemon. And if you redeem 1000 points they give you 5 more
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User Info: Shadowlinkex

5 years ago#4
what do they mean by redeem 1000 more points?
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User Info: pokegamer1

5 years ago#5
the power up rewards card, you get points when you buy stuff and if you have 1,000 points you can redeem them to get 5 pokemon. i'm going to pre order this on the weekend.
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User Info: Lem_Gambino

5 years ago#6
I already preordered my copy, I didn't know about the Powerup points thing though. At least this isn't one of those exclusive preorder only things, otherwise fans would be in an uproar. Still, I'm glad I preordered. ^_^
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User Info: PsyGunWulf

5 years ago#7
Yes I did.

If you don't have a powerup card they have a free one. Signing up for it gets you an extra 500 points. For every dollar you spend on new you gain 10 points and for every dollar you spend on used you gain 20 points.

User Info: Vipsoccermaster

5 years ago#8
I sure did pre-ordered the game when I picked up Mario Tennis Open. I pre-ordered it before I even knew about the bonus.
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User Info: y2kaos99

5 years ago#9
i've been waiting for a nice new turn-based strategy game, and this is perfect! i'm on a fixed income (disability) so i gotta wait til june 3 to pre-order. do they just give you a code list to unlock the extra pokes?

User Info: hypermoe

5 years ago#10
Not yet. while i know there is a pre-order bonus its nothing really special, so ill probably hold off till the game actually gets released or something.
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