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User Info: honestlyaj

5 years ago#1
Im trying to start a new game but I can't figure out how to delete saved game.

User Info: VeryDarkSoul

5 years ago#2
most pokemon games have a button combination to delete the game, check the manual carefully
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User Info: evolutia

5 years ago#3
It's in the Manuel.

Press x, y, a and b at the same time on the opening screen (not the title).
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User Info: AlmostUnsane

5 years ago#4
"Deleting Save Data
If you press and hold down (A)+(B)+(X)+(Y) during the company logo screen, you can delete your save data. All of your gallery data will be deleted as well."
-Page 7 of manual

User Info: Second_Chances

5 years ago#5
ABXY at Koei screen

User Info: honestlyaj

5 years ago#6
Thank you. It worked
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