Evolving Scyther, Machoke, and Boldore

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User Info: mudkip380

5 years ago#1
I cannot seem to get these guys to evolve. They each have 70+ link, and I have had them be the first to defeat the enemy in each of my last few battles (and of course, scyther has metal coat equipped). Serebii was extremely vague. What the heck am I supposed to do?!
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User Info: NinjaKitsune

5 years ago#2
Haven't heard this yet, but I have a theory (or rather a couple that fit in the same category):
they have to have struck both first and last blow on the warrior they engaged
they have to fight without any allies interfering

and a third:
the warrior has to be recruitable/recruited afterwords

I have no data myself yet, since none of my guys in that group are in link range yet, I'm just trying to think what would make sense given what I've heard so far. If someone could test these out...
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User Info: riceindabowl

5 years ago#3
For the ones that Serebii says 'Battle Warrior' you have to have the required link % and or item equipped and they have to deal the killing blow to a warlord (regular or leader).

User Info: riceindabowl

5 years ago#4
Also the warlord has to be the first one killed.

User Info: Sensei_Ochiba

5 years ago#5
i've had two cases where another guy was killed, but I hit the enemy warrior with my guy first, and it finished that one off, and it still evolved. I still don't know exactly how it works, but it's usually best to just start a match, zero in on a warrior-owned pokemon, and take it out, before anything else of yours attacks. That's the best way to be sure.
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