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Evolving Warlords - rank 2/3 pokemon?

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User Info: Zeke6464

5 years ago#1
So i have a question. If i'm trying to evolve a warlord, that can actually evolve of course because I've met his criteria, and say it's someone like Gracia, who is a warlord, and her best link is Gothorita. So say i have a Gothorita with her but they haven't quite met the link needed to evolve, and say gothorita evolves so it's Gothitelle now, does this mean that Gracia won't evolve? Because her BEST link is Gothorita, so even with Gothitelle she wouldn't evolve? I would absolutely HAVE to have Gothorita?? And does this go for the other warlords that have best links of the 2nd evolution of pokemon? Thanks in advance!

User Info: LightHawKnight

5 years ago#2
She will evolve.
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User Info: Cody900

5 years ago#3
They all still rank up with the max evolutions of their best links.
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