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User Info: LeBurns63

5 years ago#1
I decided to restart since I really did not know what I was doing the first time through and many of my warlords have un-evolved pokemon or were not recruited at all during the MQ. I've only done one episode so not a whole lot of lost time there.

Anyway my question is, if I clear data and restart, will I be able to use a swarm code again? Seems the only way I could get a second Eevee was to use the code.

Also I want to be a lot more detailed on what pokemon warlords and warriors use as many warriors start off with pokemon that don't have good link potential. So my question here is, how do you get a warrior to remove a pokemon? Suppose he/she starts with one that only has a 42% link max and I want to give them a couple bronze/silver/gold pokemon, how do I remove the old one? I know how to switch them, but how do I kick one out (or can I)?

Is it better to link an Eevee to 100% then evolve it, or try to evolve it at a low link and then train it?

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User Info: TTuvillo

5 years ago#2
You kick one by linking more than the Warrior can have.
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User Info: gotrunks712

5 years ago#3
Passwords are tied to the save file, so if you reset they will also. I don't think it makes much of a difference if you wait to evolve Eevee, but the evolutions are generally better.
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