How are links determined after battle?

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User Info: rst64tlc

5 years ago#1
When you finish a battle, how is the amount of link power you get determined? Do they need to stay alive in the battle? Do they actually need to DO something in the battle (like actual battle)? Does it matter how many opponents you beat in battle?
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User Info: crunchy612

5 years ago#2
Killers get better exp(link)
The lower your link in comparison to the enemy(the enemy strength is more or less average of yours), the better the exp
Later link levels give little exp with Harmony stuff
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User Info: darknova700

5 years ago#3
and staying alive gives you more. or rather, dying gives you less

User Info: zanivi7

5 years ago#4
The more opponents you kill, the more exp you will earn.
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  3. How are links determined after battle?

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