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User Info: xfri123

5 years ago#1
1st =) Please make a US version of Corpse Party Book of shadow and 2U. Whoever make this game have a Devil Brain lol, i like the game even the graphics are not like silent hill =)
Lets Play :D

User Info: Starsoul_klr

5 years ago#2
Man I really didn't think you could pull of such good scares with the 2D plan but the Actor really sell the game to me.

I too would like to see XSeed Continue localization for North America.

Also don't spoil the games I'm still doing my first playthrough.
Petition to get Medarot DS localized!

User Info: Barrylocke89

5 years ago#3
Hope we get it

User Info: killernomnoms1

5 years ago#4
The reson why there are dislikes on youtube is because this is one of the ways how the capitol can stick it to the rebellion

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