It's titles like this...

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User Info: BassGSX

5 years ago#1
That make you wonder why Mega Man as a brand is dying. Capcom wonders why the brand isn't profitable anymore; yet they peddle garbage like this to continue milking it instead of putting out quality products with effort and detail; then they wonder why. It's stupid, that company is a joke. A far cry from the golden years of the 90's for them.

User Info: BLAD3s_7

5 years ago#2
I understand where you are coming from. It does quite suck to see something like that happen.

However, I actually enjoyed this game. Very thoroughly, and I am a Die-hard Mega Man fan. They sprites were very pretty for the game and it looked really nice. Sure, the framerate seemingly suffered, but the sprites were bigger and i think they tried to emulate the actual speed of the original game, but since the sprites are bigger it givens the illusion they are moving slower, when they are actual moving the same speed. At least that's what I think.

I also think you are giving this game way too much credit.

You are speaking of it like it is a Major Game, when it is a 5$ iOS game. If you wanted the Original X game, play it on your SNES, X collection, or an emulator. If you wanted a truly remastered game, pick up Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X for PSP.

For a 5$ game, sure it's game-play is not completely on par with the SNES, the difficulty being much easier due to the touch pad controls. But, it is portable, a pretty cheap price, Sleek HD graphics, a ranking system, achievements, and multiple different difficulties, I think this game deserves a little more lenience than the fans are giving. It is obvious that this was probably a side project, and that is probably how it should be looked at.

At least thats what I think.

User Info: Daverids

5 years ago#3
Regardless, they're killing the series with trash like this.
Changing this when Golden Sun 4 comes out.
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