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User Info: Strangesounds

5 years ago#1
I've browsed the help boards in various websites, for various consoles, and still can't find the answers I need...

Am currently stuck at 863,000 studs.

Like others, I have found the telescope and the giant ball useless.

What I AM stuck at is the following.
HOW can I obtain Joker? I need him to open up his little box as well as needing him for a 3rd electric charge
HOW can I obtain Riddler? Ditto needing him to open his box
HOW can I electrify that building? I found two charges for Batman's Electrical Suit and there are 3 notes to electrify. Can I use Joker (see above) for that, or is there a way to get 3 charges lit with only 2 charges?

Help asap please; don't want to have to start this level over again
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User Info: alfster

5 years ago#2
There are 3 electric switches in the level. 1 is at the gokart, 2 is where the zip lines are running, 3 is in the last section by the crane. Also ride the subway break seats and open doors fly out to grt studs or hang outside need sensor suit also on top of ACE chemical after the letters fall down fly up and stand on the peg. There is a brief video showing the ACE chemicals part it will help you out. Joker and Riddler can only be used in free play after you have completed story portion of the bonus level.
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User Info: RussellGorall

5 years ago#3
Mine may have bugged, or I could have done it more careful in regards to the charges. I only have two of the three but the third isn't available.
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User Info: EricDent1

5 years ago#4
Electric charge locations.

1: climb the ladder on the 2nd bridge & use zip-line to get to charge.
Immediately put it on the right side of the charge thing for power station.

2: near the first bridge to the right of the bridge (if you are heading towards the power station).
Drop that charge in the left side of the charge thing.

3: near the Roller Coaster is a bumper car ride. Use the Hazard Suit to clean off the goo to the left (going towards the bumper car ride), and grab the charge from that.
Make sure to grab the line of Blue studs hiding near the ride (ride the Roller Coaster if you have not done so) and a few loose blue studs under the supports to the Roller Coaster.
Build the Bumper Car & Ride it to get more Blue Studs. Then drop the final charge in the middle of the power station charge thing.

Make sure to blow up the top of the Power Station (including the 2 pointy roofs).
Then use the spinner handle inside the power station to light up the nearby Gotham sign.

Then you can build the "L" nearby & change the other letters to spell LEGO to get a mess of studs.

If you don't have enough after that, let me know.
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