LEGO Batman 2 Codes??

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User Info: no1s_hero

5 years ago#1
looking in the batcave I came across the codes section...

anyone have any information on codes for the game... like what are they, what do they do...


Edit: um... site seems to tell all...
Good luck.

User Info: ElevenOhNoes

5 years ago#2
Those cheats are for consoles, or at least 360. I saw someone post them on that board, and tried them but they don't work.
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User Info: Beetey

5 years ago#3
I would say there's no way they would include it if there aren't any codes that work, but to be honest, I could see them doing that...

Dang you Tt Fusion.

User Info: NegroRainbows

5 years ago#4
There are a few, to unlock some stupid characters.

User Info: ChikaraX

5 years ago#5
Gamefaqs are showing the same codes in the cheat section.. But those are not for the VITA version and should be removed until we know codes that actually work.

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