Assault Abilities, Flush or Rapid Fire?

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User Info: xtacb

5 years ago#1
Flush: Low Damage attack that forces enemies out of cover (so your oversight allies can shoot them)

Rapid Fire: Shoot twice but at a lower accuracy

Does Run-And-Gun work with Rapid fire?

cause if you can combine those 2 abilities then 2 point blank shotgun shots is really powerful
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User Info: A_Friendly_NPC

5 years ago#2
Rapid shots and can be used after using Run-and-Gun, it's pretty powerful when you get a bunch of the added crit damage and crit chance skills.

flushing shot is good when you got stubborn guys hiding in cover that are too risky to RnG up to, or when you have a bunch of guys waiting in overwatch to pick him off when he moves.

User Info: xtacb

5 years ago#3
so which do you guys recommend?

cause it seems both have its uses
Do you really wanna live in a world without Coca-Cola?

User Info: Dangaard

5 years ago#4
I like to have a few different assault people specced for the 2 different "sides" of the assault tree. Offensive on the right, defensive on the left. Defensive assaults can help eat up enemy fire and reaction shots, offensive can be.....offensive :P

edit: got the left and right sides mixed up >_>
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User Info: Village Idiot

Village Idiot
5 years ago#5
Flush, imo

Flush is essentially a re-usable grenade, as it removes the alien from cover, allowing your team to cut them down.

Rapid Fire, while good, increases the chance that you'll miss, ie: a greater chance that you'll miss both shots.

I'd still have two Assaults with one of each, as you might want Rapid Fire when you absolutely need something dead.

ie: Chrysalid
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User Info: DuneMan

5 years ago#6
It depends on how you play. I personally tend to favor Heavies, so my Assault classes tend to have Rapid Fire. Used with Run and Gun you can basically get quadruple damage if you get critical hits.
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User Info: Integnos

5 years ago#7
I prefer Rapid Fire.

At max rank, Assaults have 14 more aim than Heavies. So the skill may seem like a liability, but if people can hit with a Heavy, they can hit with Rapid Fire from an Assault.

User Info: SinistraX

5 years ago#8
My main assault has Rapid fire, close quarters and rapid reflexes. She is AMAZING at running in, dodging and double shotgunning whatever in the face. Then if someone else happens to come around the corner, BOOM you still get shot in the face because she's permanently on overwatch.

I also prefer the 1st defensive pick because I can often use her as bait (high cover + 20def + maybe smokebomb) and they still shoot at her all day whilst other pick enemies off.

User Info: meowmeowbobo

5 years ago#9
rapid fire.
flushing emeny just make them run for other cover or away from sight.

User Info: Lord Blade

Lord Blade
5 years ago#10
I find rapid fire infinitely more useful. Assault soldiers have great accuracy anyway, so the accuracy penalty doesn't really hurt much. But considering the massive amounts of health later enemies have, rapid fire is all but required.
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