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User Info: kharlamov17

4 years ago#1
Hi all, I just discovered Xcom this week and I absolutely love it.

I started out playing turn-based RPG's on the commodore in the 80's and I guess there's just a nostalgia factor to it. I can admire the advances in gaming that allow for real time play, but I like that older style. I think Xcom is a perfect mix.

I've always been a huge fan of the "Front Mission" series (except the last shooter version) and I feel like Xcom is very similar in gameplay. I've been looking for games like this for quite a while without much luck.

I figured I'd find other fans of the turn-based style here so I was wondering if anyone had any other games to recommend?

User Info: RM_Ulti

4 years ago#2
Simply turn-based strategy, or a more specific set of gameplay factors? One of my favorite series is Advance Wars, but it lacks the semi-roguelike structure of this game. Speaking of strictly turn based games with a mix of real time strategy, the Total War series is one of my favorite series of all time, but it is nothing like this game really.

User Info: zUkUu

4 years ago#3
Jagged Alliance 2 will be most likely what you're looking for.
I didn't like the remake, so you might want to stick with the original if you don't mind the dated look.

User Info: gjmur

4 years ago#4
Well, I had looked for an XCOM filler for a few years before this game was even a twinkle in Firaxis' eyes. I read a bunch of reviews on the UFO series that were dubbed spiritual successors to X-COM games. The reviews were not good, so I avoided those games.
Although in a different universe, Jagged Alliance 2, the first X-Com, X-COM: Apocalypse and Silent Storm are some of my favorite tactical, turn based games ever. I also logged a lot of time on Master of Orion 2, Pax Imperia, Sid Meiers ' Alpha Centauri and Heroes of Might and Magic IV.

User Info: Nintendo guy

Nintendo guy
4 years ago#5
Fire Emblem and Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones for GBA were absolutely amazing SRPGs if you haven't played those. It a system like this game where your units were gone for good if they died, and you had to restart the mission if you didn't want to go on without them.

User Info: kharlamov17

4 years ago#6
I'm a fan of roguelike's as well so I think that makes this game even that much better for me.

I'll take a look at all the suggestions though, that's great! Thanks to everyone that's replied so far.

User Info: kharlamov17

4 years ago#7
zUkUu posted...
Jagged Alliance 2 will be most likely what you're looking for.
I didn't like the remake, so you might want to stick with the original if you don't mind the dated look.

I've googled this one and I can see it's on Steam in a Gold edition and then there are more recent versions like "Back In Action" . Is the gold edition the original you're talking about? It looks great! http://store.steampowered.com/app/1620/

User Info: Element_Pearl

4 years ago#8
I actually liked the UFO series, but yeah, it wasn't anywhere near as good as XCOM is.

You might try Silent Storm, as well. It's a little old now, but it works pretty much the same as this game, only with a little more freedom.
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User Info: Another_Cyzyk

4 years ago#9
I see Silent Storm pop up a lot; how well has that aged? I've played nearly every other TBS game mentioned in this topic. Also curious is Silent Storm features any kind of base/campaign mechanics, or is just a series of tactical map missions in a row.

User Info: Dangaard

4 years ago#10
If I weren't busy with XCOM and other things, I'd totally pop Silent Storm + Expansion back in and play it again. As far as I'm concerned, Silent Storm was the last good turn based squad combat game until this game.

I'd say it has aged just fine considering that nothing was released afterwards until now that was comparable.
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