This game was disappointingly short... (spoilers)

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User Info: Freak_Show

5 years ago#21
kroonermanblack posted...
CommanderSufian posted...
jake-sf posted...
Well, the game -is- a 20$ game with a 50$ price tag.

Most games released these days are.

Aaaannnddd I stopped reading or carring right there.

If games now suck, stop playing them. Games have always sucked. It's the vast vast minority of games that don't suck. We tend to only remember the really outstanding ones, and compile a mental library of 'all games during X period' of...great games. Not the terrible ones.

There. That might help you realize you're just looking at life through rose tinted lenses and the fog of memory.

That article was horrible. Games have sucked more over the past 10 years and it has nothing to do with any of those points. That article actually says "you think games are to long now". What world is he living in. Games are shorter than ever so they can pump out a sequel in less than a year.

You want to know why games suck now? It's because the new generation of gamer is fine with sub par work. They eat up things like dlc that cause games to ship incomplete and make you pay for content that should have been available from the start. They love paying full price for a game that is nothing more than a map pack with the number 27 after the title. Why does this matter? It promotes companies to make shovelware and take advantage of consumers. It won't stop as long as little jonny has to have call of war halo 15 and his horse armor.

Doesn't mean a few gems can't slip out, but they are few and far between now.
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User Info: GrimmTrixX

5 years ago#22
i guess im playing wrong... i am like 10+ hours into this game. i stopped doing the main missions right now cuz i keep going dangerously low on cash and other countries hate me. granted doing story might help that, i dunno, but i dont feel suped up enough to advance just yet. lol i absolutely love this game and cannot wait to do a classic/ironman run next.

I am only hurting in this play thru because i didnt get the whole base building thing and wasted money building 2 levels down when i still hadnt filled the top 2 yet. That and i didnt build laboratories so my satellites are taking 20 days lol
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User Info: SpaceAgeSamurai

5 years ago#23
dragon0085 posted...
I mean I beat the game in '4 months', which near the same as the original, but in that one 4 months meant 100+ missions, this one was more like 'scan for actvity> two weeks later 1 mission> 2 weeks next mission.

100+ missions in 4 months? Perhaps, if you hacked the game so that it started in the year 2000, instead of on January 1, 1999. Otherwise, that is waaay overblown. Heck, you were often lucky to get three missions in that first month, alone. THREE! That means you'd have to average over 30 missions in each of the remaining 3 months, which never happened that early. When it finally did happen, several months into the game, you were already done with all of the research you wanted and the unending barrage of missions actually grew routine and boring. (I know I routinely let the aliens do whatever they wanted, while I fast-forwarded through the last month or so, while I finished the Cydonian research and got my Avenger up & running.)

I think the problem isn't so much that the game is shorter. I'm pretty sure I've beaten the original after investing only about 30 hours or so into it, too ... at least once I stopped save scumming. The thing is, everything was slower paced. Missions were longer, with larger periods where nothing happened. Searching for UFOs took longer, because I know *I* never use the 1 Day option on the Geoscape. It all added up to an experience that felt longer than it actually was.

This game, on the other hand, is so fast paced, it borders on unrelenting. Downtime is virtually non-existent. You get back from one mission, quickly take a minute to deal with a few things at your base, and BAM, you're off on the next mission. (It may be a week or so in game time, but it zips by.) Once on the ground, it doesn't take long to find the enemy, and once you do, you're involved in a no-holds-barred struggle for survival until the last alien is dead.

Don't get me wrong. The original X-Com is still my favorite game of all-time and this won't be replacing it, any time, soon, but I think a lot of people remember the original a lot differently than it actually is. In fact, the pacing is one of things I feel Enemy Unknown gets right, with new equipment and enemies being dolled out fairly regularly over the course of the experience. UFO Defense, on the other hand, wasn't a long game, it was a padded game. I'd rather have an evenly paced, 30-hour game, than one that got bogged down to a crawl by endless barrages of missions that all started to feel the same, after a while.
When all else fails, read the instructions.

User Info: Psycho_Kenshin

5 years ago#24
This game was a perfect length for me, though we all have our own preferences. I played it hours a day since it was released and only just beat it this morning. I clocked about 30 hours.

Finished the campaign in November, so that's what about 9 months game time? I love the gameplay, but I feel it had all been very thoroughly explored, and ended at the right time. Very satisfying game, well worth 50 bucks.
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User Info: Koishi_Komeiji

5 years ago#25
What SpaceAgeSamurai said. The first time I played the original, I only got 1 mission during the first month and none during the second. When I started being more aggressive, I got 3-5 missions per month early on, which is about how many you get in this game. Granted, in later months you were doing more like 7-10 missions per month if you were really proactive, but almost half of those were Small UFO crash sites.

I do wish the tech tree was more expansive, with a little more weapon variety, but people are kidding themselves if they think the original game's tech tree was larger, or even just as large. Stuff takes shorter to research in this game, but there's about 5 times as much useful stuff to research as there was in the original.
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User Info: Another_Cyzyk

5 years ago#26
I think a big difference between this game and the original was the pacing.

EU has a sense of urgency the original never had. Ultimately, you may play a few less missions than in the original, but it certainly isn't the order of magnitude some folks seem to be implying here. It is mainly that EU crams things in faster. The missions involve less searching empty warehouses and fiddling with inventory, but just as much killing.

That sense of urgency really gives XCOM its atmosphere, and I will say that is better done here than in the original.

User Info: AtmosOmega

5 years ago#27
jake-sf posted...
Well, the game -is- a 20$ game with a 50$ price tag.

If you don't like what a gaming company is trying to force upon you and the market, don't buy that company's games.
Cruel DRM can only flourish if you let it.

User Info: MR_Smarty_Pants

5 years ago#28
AtmosOmega posted...
jake-sf posted...
Well, the game -is- a 20$ game with a 50$ price tag.



User Info: Psycho_Kenshin

5 years ago#29
You're entitled to your opinion, but saying it's a 20 dollar game just doesn't make much sense compared to how other games are priced.

Fighting games that take a year or two to develop are 60 bucks. As for 20 dollar games, I can't think of a recent one I've played, but I've played many recent 15 dollar games like say Double Dragon Neon (2 hour arcade game), or Orcs Must Die 2 (fun game, about 9 hours for me).

XCOM Enemy Unknown was in development for over four years, has a satisfying campaign that took me 30 hours, has great LAN, great multiplayer, and much re-playability. It simply has much more content than any game that started out new as $20 or less I can think of.
One Piece: Pirates with style!
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User Info: Billy_Bob_Joe

5 years ago#30
From: Freak Show | #021
Doesn't mean a few gems can't slip out, but they are few and far between now.

Then why are you wasting your time on a videogame message board?
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