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User Info: Phamonn

5 years ago#1
How buggy has you XCOM experience been? - Results (86 votes)
I can't play (crashes or otherwise)
1.16% (1 votes)
Crashes often
1.16% (1 votes)
Crashes sometimes
9.3% (8 votes)
Crashes rarely
5.81% (5 votes)
Doesn't crash, but am turnd off by the bugs
10.47% (9 votes)
Minor bugs (soft hangs, ui glitches)
54.65% (47 votes)
Works fine!
17.44% (15 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Let's see if we can find out just how bad its been for everyone.

And just so we are all aware, missing high percent shots is NOT a bug.

User Info: ArcXenos

5 years ago#2
No problems , except that annoying ufo interior problem .

User Info: Lunacy182

5 years ago#3
ArcXenos posted...
No problems , except that annoying ufo interior problem .

Same here. Haven't crashed or really seen a bug yet, other than the ufo interior problem. I've only played about 20 hours though, so maybe in time I'll start seeing them.
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User Info: Cool_Dude667

5 years ago#4
i have 48 hours in the game so far, and so far I only crashed once (when raiding a battleship class UFO) besides some of the annoying camera and UI 'bugs' this game is solid
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User Info: soundwave12

5 years ago#5
40 hours of play 1 crash and once the game got stuck on alien activity. So works ALMOST perfectly for me

User Info: Kyonshi

5 years ago#6
The only bug i had twice was one soldier keeping having the alien red head in the screen corner, like he's actually seeing one. But there's no alien in sight. I got used to it when it happens, and always try to aim everytime its this soldier's turn, to check if he really sees one or not.

User Info: Sir_Thomas

5 years ago#7
I've never had a crash with this game. Sometimes after a head shot, it will still show the head shot option for the same sniper; if I click on it, it will say "no target" or "2 turn cool down".

User Info: pumpkin_stew

5 years ago#8
The only bug I've encountered is in the Psi Labs using a controller where when you select a third candidate, it often boots the top one out. Very annoying if you are running staggered testing and so my top one would have been in the labs for a few days.

I always save now before going to the labs, exit to title screen and change my control method to mouse and keyboard before loading my save back up, it works fine that way.

User Info: quanticdream

5 years ago#9
The only real problem I've had so far is inability to go where I want because the cursor constantly changes elevation... on the broken bridge map and some alien ships.
Other than that - everything is fine.

User Info: Kromlech06

5 years ago#10
Bugs I've encountered in just 2 playthroughs on normal:

1. Agent stuck in infirmary indefinitely. Status was "wounded" with no duration.
2. Agent stuck in floor of UFO after coming down with archangel armor (just happened to be the same guy lol).
3. Sectopods constantly immune to explosions.
4. UI doesn't show up after backing out of a base room. (when going to the full view of the base from a section, the menus do not render)
5. Stuck on enemy turn, centered on an enemy that isn't doing anything. I let it go for more than 3 minutes and nothing happened. I had to end process and reload.
6. Roofs are bull****. Ceilings are bull****. Trying to get to the edge of an elevated object usually results in the cursor freaking out and making you click on the bottom level rather than the top level, leading to absolute death most of the time.
7. Enemy spawns in line of sight out of nowhere, or an enemy squad spawns against a wall. Some in, some out.
8. Berserker's bullrush attack doesn't seem to ever have a valid time to activate. (?)
9. Only one major crash at least... woo.
10. Rapid shot vs Ethereal reflect is completely bugged. Where do I even start?

I feel like the programmers were not even trying to playtest this game. At least it turned out great overall. ^_^;

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