EMP Cannon vs Fusion Lance

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User Info: Mr_Sociopath

4 years ago#1
Is there a difference in terms of results to the ship? The EMP says that it doesn't damage systems as badly, but makes it so the crew is more likely to survive. However, I haven't noticed a difference in how many are alive when shooting down UFOs with the EMP vs Fusion.
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User Info: MahoganyTooth92

4 years ago#2
You are less likely to damage the loot using EMP cannon.
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User Info: Seishoumaru

4 years ago#3
Since it's a crash, the alien crew should have reduced numbers. You are simply going to have less damaged equipment on the ship.

User Info: Lebowski1

4 years ago#4
I go with the Fusion just because it's a proper hench gun!
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