Big problems with this game

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User Info: Kolanifv

4 years ago#11
namewitheld posted...
3) Why exactly do the A.I get a free movement turn? is it because firxis couldnt balance the game correctly? (it is) Just as importantly: why does the A.I do NOTHING untill the player 'discovers it'?

When you played the original and had a full squad wiped more than once just trying to get them off the Skyranger, this is perfectly acceptable.

User Info: KabtheMentat

4 years ago#12
It's kinda funny the TC is mentioning so-called problems with this new XCOM, then compares it to the original XCOM...without mentioning the myriad of problems with the original XCOM.

Just sayin'.
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User Info: Tobias_Is_Queen

4 years ago#13
I disagree with many of the things you've said, namewitheld -- but then again I've read your posts on this and other boards... so, let's just say I'm not surprised. I remember that one thread where you were harassing some random guy because he let his 12 year old nephew watch him play Borderlands 2. You made all sorts of assumptions about him, what kind of lessons he was teaching the kid(s), and how he was a "bad influence" because you thought it was too early to expose the kid(s) to "adult themes" -- it was all pretty rash, considering (I assume) that you knew literally nothing about him or his family beyond the fact that he played Borderlands 2. Also, I think that it was really none of your business. Regardless, back to XCOM! =)

namewitheld posted...
1) A dynamic strategic layer. Its absurd to make the players actions (almost completely) responsive only. Eats away at 90% of the replay value.

Personally, I think it fits perfectly with the feel of the game. You aren't really taking the fight to the enemy until the end game (and some story missions) -- most of the time you are working to protect earth by building up the XCOM project, which by it's very nature is fairly reactive: watching out for alien attacks so that they can swoop in, kick some ass and take the aliens' **** (so that they can try to get on a more equal footing).

2) More soldiers. A six man squad vs 18 enemies gets boring faster than firaxis probably imagined. Tactical does not = use one movement pip to get in 'cover' (of nominal value) and then overwatch.

So... don't play that way? I'm sorry, but I don't understand this complaint. Overwatch is there so you aren't forced to take the offensive in every situation, or just completely give up the initiative to the enemy. Super simplistically, your options are: move, attack and/or overwatch. Each is critical to success, although I actually got all the way through Normal barely using overwatch (because I played aggressive, just taking the shot was better in most situations then waiting for them). However, I used overwatch more in my first mission of Iron Man than I had in my whole game of "Soft Man".

<shrug> Like I said, I don't really understand your complaint (beyond that you aren't happy with some aspect of overwatch).

3) Why exactly do the A.I get a free movement turn? is it because firxis couldnt balance the game correctly? (it is) Just as importantly: why does the A.I do NOTHING untill the player 'discovers it'?

This I actually agree with! Although I have seen some enemies "patrolling" I feel like too many of them are just sitting in static groups. That said, I've played the most on Normal so I wouldn't know if it's any different on Classic or Impossible. It is kinda annoying that enemies get a free movement, but it seems balanced to me because our soldiers get a bunch of things the A.I. doesn't get (like the ability to change equipment between missions). It would be cool if one of the classes got a "reaction move" if his turn was over when an enemy was "spotted" but it would also be really over powered, I think.

4) why is there a cover system? what does it add? Is it that its quite easy to program A.I routines to take advantage of it and that not having it would require better A.I scripting (it is).

LOL, I really doubt it. It seems like a normal gameplay mechanic -- IMO, it would feel weird without the ability to take cover... like, why are all these military dudes just standing there instead of, you know, trying to protect themselves? I kinda wish we could go prone (making half cover better, giving you bonus accuracy but it would take a movement pip to stand back up and melee would be easier to hit with and critical).
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User Info: pookiejin

4 years ago#14
effectively the Assault class gets a "reactive" move with the initial "run n' gun" ability. turn it on, move regular move. if spot aliens you can still move again and then shoot if you want.
Assault troops are the finest scouts if used properly

i dont see many problems outside some wonky line-of-sight issues (wish the game would alert you if you are moving to a position with LoS) and sometimes the percentages are maddening.

but the percentage to hit is controllable for the most part.

User Info: Rannek17

4 years ago#15
My cheers:
Moving several guys across the map is tense but well-handled, in the original a full team's turn could last several minutes of just moving people

More than 4 armors, all of them look good and have a serious benefit

Both troopers and aliens are much, much more capable than they were in the original, you have many more options and things to watch out for in combat

The base menu is much more user friendly, building a base is fun

Research credits are an awesome idea

It takes more than half an hour to get psi troopers

My gripes:
Aliens get a free move, which you can't stop and react to if it happens during a sprint

Heavies and snipers forget how to use rifles

In the original, you could incapacitate aliens by suffocating them in a smoking room, now you have to use the damn arc thrower, which may as well be called the suicide button

You can only carry 1 or two items, although that may have been necessary for balance

Overall, I REALLY love this game, sorry you're not enjoying it.

User Info: Kolanifv

4 years ago#16
Arc thrower capture is easier than the old smoke variation. I have it on a Support, at the end of the prior round:

1: Isolate the alien you want to capture.
2: Use a Heavy to suppress.
3: Move Support close to the alien, drop a smoke grenade on the Support if you really want to.
4: Open next turn with Support using Arc Thrower on the alien.

The Support is completely exposed the entire time, and I haven't taken a hit yet.
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