jump snap glitch?

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User Info: aznflip2727

5 years ago#1
ight so i just got back from playing an online game against this guy, GamePlanIS-6.

he would control one of the LB's and then move the right stick down to make ur player "jump the snap" even before everyone got to the line. after i hiked the ball his player just jets off and gets my qb sacked. this was also hard for me to pass and run cuz all his LB's and line were all blitzing while this DB's were all in man.

yes i've done quick slants until i got into the red zone which got him to switch up the play but none of my linemen could've made a block for me to run it in for a TD.

to me it seems like a glitch since when he would "jump the snap" it would be WAY before i hiked the ball but still gets that extra boost.

User Info: scorpion41

5 years ago#2
Well the blocking is busted in this year's game anyway. Unlike 11 and 12, the A.I. doesn't adjust its blocking scheme based on where the defense lines up. Its more like 10, where you can "slip" through the default blocking if you know where the holes will be. This fault is most evident trying to run counter plays. The CPU LB can almost always run through the line untouched because the pulling guards never account for anyone blitzing.
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User Info: LADragon66

5 years ago#3
I will say that yes, your opponent was cheesing, but there is also the fact that blocking logic is also messed up. So you got hit with a perfect storm. If you run into tactics like that specifically again, make sure you go heavy on the snap count fakes. You'll pick up a fair amount of cheap yards that way, and should force him to tone it down. My guess is that he also has his Defensive Line set to Aggressive in the team adjustments, so again a hard count will benefit you. Funny thing is, he'll probably accuse you of being cheap, but most cheesers do that when their tactics get stopped.
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User Info: antoine1027

5 years ago#4
ya the blocking sucks ive seen so many plays where my guy lets them run go by

on a side note i got called for holding 2 plays in a row. when both resulted in a TD i was mad.

a slant TD for 10 yds then ran the same play got a TD for 20 yds both called back for HOLDING im like are you serious. ended up settling for a FG thank god i won at least

User Info: aznflip2727

5 years ago#5
it really isnt the way i snap the ball. its just the he does that animation of a missed jump snap as if he were setting up the "glitch". i would snap the ball at different times using multiple fake snaps to none and he still beats my line to get the sack or at least has me throw a duck.

and about the sucky blocking yeah i noticed that too whenever i look at my play before the snap. i was wondering in the demo why the block lines never get assigned to a D linemen. and then when i got the game it still wasnt fixed. its soo hard to run the ball now. i follow my lead block to the outside, i see a guy infront of me thinking my lead blocker will get him. nope he p***ies out and i get hit.

i feel like gameplay wise. its a step down from last year
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