How do I play a "season"?

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User Info: carib2g

5 years ago#1
Am I missing something?

I don't want to do any careers/franchises/create a player or anything like that.

I only want to pick any team, as is, and play one single season.

This is really irrirtating to me!!!
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User Info: OtlwWarrior

5 years ago#2
go to play career. select start new career. Select the coach option i believe is the last option. then you can pick your team.
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User Info: rcamer0n

5 years ago#3
ok now how do we play career with the updated rosters

User Info: userfrigginame

5 years ago#4
There should be an option that pops up when u start ur career that asks u if u wanna play with the updated rosters. Answer "yes" to that.

User Info: rcamer0n

5 years ago#5
tried that and it always goes back to the default roster. i give up will put the game in next week and see if I have any better luck

User Info: bigpagano

5 years ago#6
CC roster update is due on the 14th ... which sucks because I really needed to get Jason Smith and his ten million dollar cap hit off the Rams.
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  3. How do I play a "season"?

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