Best way to pick offensive plays?

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User Info: LRP21

4 years ago#1
I used to use By Play Type and I am trying to learn my team's playbook by using Formation,is there a noticeable advantage to using the different types of play calling?
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User Info: hikaru_zero

4 years ago#2
i use single back formations to confuse my opponent with run/pass plays,

but their is no difference from using play type or formations, no matter what you'll still pick a play
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User Info: josefrees

4 years ago#3
I go by formation. Allows one to the most versatility.

User Info: yourwisesage

4 years ago#4
Patriots playbook, 2 TE single back set.

It's pretty much unstoppable
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User Info: IlluminatusCU

4 years ago#5
I go by formation because I usually pick my formations based on down and distance, and which players I want to emphasize.
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User Info: dodgefan91

4 years ago#6
I go by formation and try to use the same formations in a variety of ways. For example you usually do a lot of passing from the shotgun, and I do. But I also run a lot of draws and play action from it too. As well as mixing run/pass plays from the I formations.
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User Info: dealer009

4 years ago#7
Very simply, the best playcaller will force the defense to guess pass or run by mixing it up.

When they call a run defense and you pass, or they call a pass defense and you run, you'll have success. Plays that look like they could be either a pass or a run leave the defense guessing right up until the snap. Try not to pass always out of pass formations (like the shotgun) and try not to run always out of run formations (like the I formation).

Practice formations with both good pass and run plays, and get some runs working well. After you can run successfully against standard defenses, keep running to force the defense up and open up the pass. Then throw once they start bringing the safeties down to guard the run and the deeper stuff is open.

I also think it's better to pass about 50% on 1st down. It's easy to run on first to try and get a 2nd and 5, and then have a couple short down and distances for a first. However too many people always run on first down. This can be shut down by run-stopping on first down, then pass-defending the next two plays before a punt.

So try to mix up the run and pass. If you are bad at one or your team doesn't have good players for it, practice.
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