The Packers are a hot, steamy dog turd

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User Info: PatrickWillis52

5 years ago#11
yea poorly called game, indy's d has always been stronger against the pass. but that the problem with the packers, they have to keeps scoring because their d can't be counted on to stop the opposition. they are very one dimensional and even more so this year then last year and that is why they are doing poorly. they have a lot of talent on D, really no reason they suck as much as they do to be honest on that side of the ball, i would chalk it up to lack of discipline. everyone tryin to make the big play but they end up givin a bunch of medium plays in the process and it is never worth it.
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User Info: masterchefbkw

5 years ago#12
supercoolisaac posted...
masterchefbkw posted...
ITT: Sage is butthurt and apparently cries himself to sleep when the Packers win.

Seriously, dude, you make like two anti-Packer threads a week.

For a team that's supposed to be one of the best, if not the best team in the league, they're playing like dog crap. How in the hell do you lose to Indy after you're up 21-3 at half time and expect to be considered a great team?

That's irrelevant to what I posted. TC makes one of these stupid topics every week, regardless of how GB plays. I'm not even a Packer fan, I'm just sick of seeing these stupid topics because he's butthurt that Brady had a lower rating.

User Info: xraveneffectx

5 years ago#13
I'm not a Packers fan, but don't forget Jennings didn't play either.
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User Info: feedmeacid

5 years ago#14
Lets not forget that the Packers, a team that is supposed to be superior to Indy in every aspect, also gave up a 21-3 lead, letting a bunch of rookies and bench players out score and out play them 27-6 the rest of the way.

We are 5 games deep now. Green Bay is supposed to be elite. They are not who we thought they were.
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User Info: adamclane99

5 years ago#15

User Info: PS360Lover

5 years ago#16
They will lose again next week to the Texans.

User Info: Pekovic

5 years ago#17
supercoolisaac posted...
Suddenly the Vikings loss to Indy isn't looking too terrible.

So much this/
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