Pursuit and Awareness?

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User Info: tompac

5 years ago#1
What do these really help with for upgrading your players? What are they really "aware" to?
Is pursuit just how quickly my player gets to the ball carrier? What I'm looking for is getting my players to pursue a ball in air and intercept a pass while on D.
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User Info: ReignFury

5 years ago#2
Pursuit has to do with angles taken to the ballcarrier, awareness is how fast they react to the play.

User Info: KoRiy5000

5 years ago#3
i always increase awareness and play recognition. make sure my D has brains haha

User Info: Predatorian234

5 years ago#4
Pursuit has it's benefits when it comes to using D-line players and getting sacks.

For instance, for a long time I noticed I could break the line of scrimmage really easily with my DE but I'd always run right past the QB and whiff the sack because I couldn't aim him right for the tackle, especially if the QB is scrambling.

I play with the Bears and Shea McClellin has crazy pursuit for a rookie. I believe it's in the ninetys. So I break the line and then instantly hold the (X) button, or (A) I'd assume on Xbox, and let the computer take over. Shea would make insane cuts down the line of scrimmage and right to the scrambling QB for a sack almost every time.
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