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User Info: Nerfferking

5 years ago#1
I need help, or just suggestions on picking certain characters for a specific type of class.
The list of characters I can afford ( I have 28 Command points)

Infiltrator: Invisible Woman or Black Cat
(I have Black Widow, Kitty Pryde)
Scrapper: Luke Cage or Sif
(I have Iron Fist and spider woman)
Bruiser: Is Colossus worth it?
(I only have She Hulk)
Tactician: Cyclops?? Is he good?
(I have Hawkeye only)
Blaster: Dr Strange or Ms. Marvel
( I have human torch and Iron man)

User Info: The Top Crusader

The Top Crusader
5 years ago#2
Dr. Strange is pretty awesome. Probably the best of who yo ucan afford.

Cyclops isn't bad and is inexpensive. Luke Cage and Colossus are both pretty good.

User Info: GamblerOfFate

5 years ago#3
Cyclops, Dr Strange or Ms Marvel

I'd suggest Cyclops since you have only one tactician
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User Info: Navex

5 years ago#4
Do you guys think all future heroes released will cost 80CP or will there be some for cheaper points since every new one so far has been 80? Have loads saved up from the last few weeks and I kinda want to start buying characters but am afraid they'll release some that I'll end up regretting not waiting for down the road.
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User Info: wykdjester

5 years ago#5
For your Command Points. these are the Heroes that i think are worth the most in getting.

Captain America- if for nothing else than Shield Guard

Spider-Man- He protects everyone, if you give him Evasion Iso's he's pretty much unhittable except by Hawkeye.

Storm- Protective Shroud, Combine that with Spidey's Spider Sense and You have an unhittable Spidey even Hawkeye misses. If you have an X-Play Xploiter even better.

Dr. Strange- Teressing Boost, Vapors of the Valtorr, and Shield of Seraphim all great skills, hook him up with Health, and Stamina Iso's, a few Power and Defense Iso's and he's Golden.

Scarlet Witch- All of her abilities ROCK, Plain and Simple Nuff Said. Hook her up with Accuracy,Health and Stamina Iso's and watch her work her magic!

Shadow Cat (Kitty Pryde)- Her phasing ability works wonders. Hook her up with Evasion, Defense and Health Iso's and pair her with Colossus. She makes his Decimate ability hit like a Truck.

NightCrawler- Shadow Guard combined with Evasion Iso's makes him as unhittable as Spider-Man. Hook him up with Power Iso's as well so Triple Threat will deal out some damage.
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User Info: Damien747

5 years ago#6
I think Cyclops is the best 15 cp hero. He's just really underrated because of all the good tacticians.
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User Info: SoljaRTT

5 years ago#7

A 90 CP hero will cost 90 CP today and a month from now. Other then hero that unlock epic boss fights I made it a goal to get all the 90 CP heroes. So after that long grind of gathering CP would be less daunting to recruit the cheaper heroes.

Captain America and Scarlet Witch should be your top priority. Both are well worth the cost and really darn fun to play.

I know it's tempting to spend the CP you have recruit the cheaper heroes, but say maybe a week of just playing you could probably get 90 CP without having to "farm" them. The most expensive heroes I have left to recruit are Daredevil and Nightcrawler, both 48 CP.
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User Info: wykdjester

5 years ago#8
Iron Fist- Healing Chi heals almost full life on anyone. Hook him up with Power, Stamina, and Defense Iso's, and he will become a mainstay till you need to level him up.

Hulk- Hook him up with Power, Defense and Iso's that give Health and Stamina at the same time. Put Revenge Strikes on him, use both the Gamma Booster and Gamma Gadget, Also the Offensive Accelerator on him or pair him with Thor. And if you are feeling especially evil throw either a Double Strike or Tactical Strike on him and watch him DESTROY EVERYTHING!

She-Hulk- Burst f Speed, Coupled with Motion Granite and Stomp should put two of the enemy in stun. Hook her up with Power, Defense and Accuracy Iso's.

Black Panther- Really Nice Character if you hook him up with Defense, Accuracy and Evasion Iso's his Passive Ability almost always activates. This mean he will take half damage and put the enemy attacking him in Dizzy. Once you get Panther Stance, his other abilities Double in power and effectiveness.

Hawkeye- He NEVER MISSES,Hook him up with Accuracy, Defense and Evasion Iso's. Watch as he proceeds to put arrows in everyone's eyes.
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