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User Info: BossVersion1

5 years ago#11
There is an any hero deploy in the first mission. Lasts three battles.
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User Info: SoljaRTT

5 years ago#12
I wouldn't waste U-ISO 8 on deploys until Mission 3 for Epic Mystique fight. So far only finished two yellow missions in Mission 1 and there were a easy compared to Spec Ops 1. I'm not even using my main team since they are all on jet deploys and Iron Man is training to 12 for 9 hours. I'm going to try to leave all Mini-Bosses up.

From what I'm reading the task system will make recruiting Emma easy. Be sure to get Phoenix and Colossus for the epic fight.
Plus+: soljartt

User Info: SoljaRTT

5 years ago#13
You also need Scarlet Witch for Mission 3 deploy.
Plus+: soljartt
I had started the Spec Ops and then went back to doing normal missions and I started unlocking Spec Op goals while in the normal missions.

I didn't have anybody they required to do the deploy in the first mission and then I got that goal after I sent off someone in Hulk's premium mission
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User Info: OvieCanucksFan

5 years ago#15
Anyone think there's a chance of Mockingbird possibly being released again? I hate seeing the spot of her character and knowing she's unavailable.

User Info: putzman2000

5 years ago#16
Do you team up with Emma Frost at all? My 4th mission objective thing requires me to team up with her to complete.

User Info: putzman2000

5 years ago#17
Nevermind...I cant complete the side objectives or unlock chapter 3 because of it. Chapter 3 is unlocked after completing 10 objectives, and I cant do that because I dont have access to Emma...this kinda sucks.

User Info: Munchi_0719

5 years ago#18
putzman2000 posted...
Do you team up with Emma Frost at all? My 4th mission objective thing requires me to team up with her to complete.

You team up with Emma in Chapter 1 in the Avalanche fight... Don't try to 2 Bird/ 3 of a Kind the Boss Fight. It'll all work out.
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User Info: Navex

5 years ago#19
Dammit, Emma was the only character they announced that I wanted to get and naturally she's released via this way.

So let me ask you gents now, if I don't have the heroes necessary for the deploys, should I not even bother with this (as obviously I'll need to get them and I don't have enough CP for all the ones mentioned so far)? I didn't bother with the Mockingbird one so I don't know if deploys are absolutely necessary to complete the Spec Ops to get the character or not.
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User Info: Furio

5 years ago#20
The biggest issue with recruiting emma is the fact that the final mission requires you to fight the epic boss of mission 3. You will need to deploy colossus, phoenix, and scarlet witch to do this. I am currently about 100 CP short to recruit these 3 characters so it will be a painful month I think.

On the playdom forums people said you can complete ANY deploy, whether or not it is in a spec-ops mission, but there is an "any hero" deploy in mission 1 as someone else said. Additionally, the boss fight with avalanche can be done to use emma frost in battle.

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