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User Info: Rava6ers

4 years ago#1
which pvp team do your think is better:
-Mocking Bird
-Emma P5
-P5 Collosus
-P5 Emma

User Info: wykdjester

4 years ago#2
Future Foundation Thing
Future Foundation Spider-Man
Secret Ninja Art: Dark Lotus

User Info: erson

4 years ago#3
I have P5 Colossus (bruiser) & P5 Emma (infiltrator)
Infiltrator Emma is good as most people I go against have P5 Emma tactician so I can at least get revenge strike.

I haven't tried FF Thing and Spidey combo nor seen them in pvp battles
We reach equilibrium in death....

User Info: WyteKassle

4 years ago#4
I heard WW2 Cap (Tact or Bruiser) and P5 Emma (Inf) is a nasty combination as well. Too bad I don't have either to see if its true or not :\

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