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Hawkeye Buff

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User Info: Rassmusseum

4 years ago#1
He might actually be viable now. I used him in a PVE fight, and he ended up following up his follow up attack--so, 3 Sure Shots in a row. I don't know what his new passive on his alt costume is like, but if it's any good, you might start seeing him in PVP more.
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User Info: Rock_Howard87

4 years ago#2
Good thing he got a buff. I was just thinking about how they could make him a little more useful today.
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User Info: erson

4 years ago#3
His Heroic Age alt has another passive: Loaded Quiver - applies random effects with his attacks
It's not available in his Avengers alt
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User Info: KyonKuchiki

4 years ago#4
Awesome, I called it that he would be the next one to get buffed.
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User Info: adismaltheft

4 years ago#6
He's kind of fun. I put Smoke Bomb Arrows on the entire enemy team and they all kept missing.
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User Info: prince_leo

4 years ago#7
Hawkeye Update
New Passive: Hawkeye’s Initiative
Hawkeye has a 50% chance to gain a follow up attack against targets with Pinpoint Target
This works with other similar marked target effects as well
This works on all of Hawkeye’s attacks, including Arrow Volley
The follow-up attack can trigger yet another follow-up attack as well!

Heroic Age Hawkeye Uniform - New Passive: Loaded Quiver
Randomly pulls out arrows that cause a variety of effects
This effect can be combined with the extra attacks from Hawkeye’s Initiative!

The following arrows can be pulled at random:
Net Arrow
Causes Slow and Exposed

Sonic Arrow
Causes Dizzy and Weakened

Blunt Arrow
Causes Staggered and Off Balance

Incendiary Arrow
Causes Burning and Pyrophoric

Toxic Gas Arrow
Causes Poisoned and Incapacitated

Ice Arrow
Causes Chilled and Frozen

Magnetic Arrow
Causes Fried Circuits and Magnetized

Smoke Arrow
Causes Blind and Disoriented
Disoriented causes an enemy to sometimes attack his teammates

Shrapnel Arrow
Causes Bleeding + Ravaged

Adamantium Arrow
Damage ignores the target’s defense stat
Brutal Strike
Damage cannot be prevented by resurrection effects
Fatal Blow
Defeats normal enemies and deals great damage to boss enemies below 30%

Electric Arrow
Causes Static Charge and drains Stamina

Glue Arrow
Causes Webbed and Constricted

Not bad at all. Hopefully it's really good, I love it when more heroes are viable.
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User Info: Darrigo11

4 years ago#8
Might be gone already. I was using him a lot yesterday and in something like 100 fights he was getting lots of extra shots. It was atleast the 50% boost that his buff says. This morning I'm getting something like 20% chance of an extra attack. No change to the buff text though.

User Info: adismaltheft

4 years ago#9
So while playing around on Practice PVP with Hawkeye, I shot Hank Pym and Wasp with Smoke Bomb Arrow. Hank Pym proceeded to get disoriented and then hit Wasp.

I lol'd.
I think never is enough.
Gamertag: Icecold229

User Info: Dark Young Link

Dark Young Link
4 years ago#10

Wow. That's....

That's terrible because domestic violence is terrible

But the coincidence is too good!
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