CP Farming with Heroic Battle?

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User Info: CI254

3 years ago#1
I've been scouraging the Playdom forums today and I'm seeing people talk about people using Wolverine's Heroic Battle to farm CP. I don't have Wolverine, nor do I have any heroes capable of doing a Heroic Battle yet, so I'm curious to anyone that does:

How often does CP drop from these encounters? How would you compare them to the drops from 12.2?
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User Info: battleblast

3 years ago#2
Often enough that it's worth the venture. It's almost like putting an extra boss roulette on every map. So ones with epic battles have more chances of CP then normal. Gambits premium has two incursions. So that's 3 roulettes and and 2 PVP loot chances.
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