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User Info: Yoshimo_irl

4 years ago#1
I'm over level 100 and I've never really tried to focus on PVP seriously. I'm having real trouble reliably winning Incursions. I've just been buying heroes I like and not the cheapest ones for max bonuses and equipping whatever weapons I feel like and not grinding for whatever the must have PVP weapons are. So now of course I'm just getting one shot by axes and any strategy I can muster is shut down by scrolls. I'm worried it will get in the way of mastering season 2 chapters and it will only get harder as I gain levels. Any tips to make this part of the game less of a chore?
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User Info: adismaltheft

4 years ago#2
I use Quicksilver and throw an Immobilizer or use one of those Hand Held Hologram things. Then I kick the crap out of them while they are stunned. Usually killing Phoenix twice first if she's there.
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User Info: wykdjester

4 years ago#3
A good surplus of items preferably chrono accelerators and immobilzers paired with Quicksilver. And whoever on your team hits hardest usually gets the job done.
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User Info: Hayate-chan

4 years ago#4
Using item which can make the opponent stun, use distress call, etc. Incursion is far more easier than PVP because you have many more options (items, distress call) unlike PVP.

User Info: Xenomorph987

4 years ago#5
Sometimes allies make it even worse :D mainly blaster outfit

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