Best 15 cp hero?

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User Info: Tessen18

4 years ago#1
Topic. I just started playing and am wondering which of the cheap heroes will be useful in the long run.
What are you looking at?

User Info: kannibust2k3

4 years ago#2
Tessen18 posted...
Topic. I just started playing and am wondering which of the cheap heroes will be useful in the long run.

Cyclops was just buffed and is currently used by a lot of higher level players.

You really need to get Storm soon though. Search topics about farming 4.4, it's your route to getting a ton of cheap heros as early as possible
All the 15 point heroes are worth the cost.

She Hulk is the best bruiser right out of the box. She doesn't need a whole of buffs lot to do okay damage and has a stun attack, and can go twice every other turn.

Iron Fist recently got a buff, but he's always been a great unarmed scrapper. great for taking out inflitrators, his Iron Fist move does wicked damage, and he can help set up other teammates for combos.

Ms Marvel is a great blaster. She can go twice every other round too. Her last power isn't that great, but she does excellent damage.

Invisible Woman is one of my go-to Infiltrators still. She can shield the team all day long, her telekinetic spheres do decent damage and she's the only character in the game that can completely lock out an enemy.

And of course, Scotty recently got a buff and he's a great character now. Counter attacks and followups all day long.

I tell everyone if they plan on starting a new game. Get the 15-pointers first. They're cheap, they're all great in their own way, it'll boost your roster and have classes for every mission.
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User Info: adismaltheft

4 years ago#4
Cyclops is the best choice.

I would rank them:

1. Cyclops
2. Invisible Woman
3. Iron Fist
4. She-Hulk
5. Ms. Marvel
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