Extra block generation (spoiler)

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User Info: eco master

eco master
4 years ago#21
It's actually something I like about the game - while playing through my first time, I was constantly thinking either "I wonder if anyone else thought to do this?" and "I bet everyone else figured this out instantly ;_;"
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User Info: stonelikearock

4 years ago#22
There is a part that shows you that you can create extra blocks. However, I, like you, didn't get the hint from that part and got stuck on some of the puzzles that require you to do that (resource management, too many lasers)
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User Info: TheShrike_

4 years ago#23
There is one puzzle that shows this off before you need to do it yourself. In the puzzle, there's a bunch of lasers in a square like this


L=laser source, | and - are laser lines.
You have to block them all to trigger a door. However, you can't access the area the lasers are in directly. Instead, when you fill a slot around the entire thing with green blocks, they fill in the center and hit all the lasers. If you just filled the slot without paying attention to what was going on you might not notice them filling in the center though.
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User Info: riff429

4 years ago#24
Yep. The only other way to do it is to generate enough blocks and pile em on one by one, but in order to do that in the first place you need to know that closing a square/rectangle generates blocks.

User Info: riff429

4 years ago#25
Look, bottom line kids: This game is designed so the player has to figure out all kinds of stuff. This is no more an exception than anything else.

User Info: Nyoci

4 years ago#26
The room that teaches you is called "Closing the Gap". There is a sign afterwards that reads: "Solving a problem may require using abilities that we didn't realize we had." That hints towards the fact the most people wouldn't realize that they can fill in blocks by drawing a perimeter with the green gun.

User Info: TheIronGubGub

4 years ago#27
If you draw a square with the blocks (it doesn't even have to be a square, just draw something that has four sides), and it will fill in the middle. You have to do it for a lot of the puzzles.
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