Most overpowered class?

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User Info: Quantum_Spazz

5 years ago#1
What's the best way to roflstomp?

User Info: Seven_Force

5 years ago#2

Most people say Knight and Nercromancer.

User Info: Exmayo6

5 years ago#3
I would argue the wizard is the easiest character to succeed with early on. It's special does by far the highest burst DPS in the game which effectively exploits the game's soulbound loot mechanics. If you do beyond a certain percent of damage to a boss or god they can drop high teir soul bound loot that only you can pick up (but can still trade). This means having high burst damage ensures you get great loot even when fighting in a huge party.

Other classes can get higher DPS (warrior), survivability (paladin) or single unit sniping (rogue) but given the game's mechanics favor ranged combat and short bursts of damage. Once you have farmed potions and gotten top teir loot other classes can be as, or more effective, but to get a foot in the door the wizard is the obvious choice. Sorry for the novel.

User Info: fnh8

5 years ago#4
well, cant say any class is really overpowered, but the Nercromancer is the best for people just starting out ( keep your distance and blast enemies from far away :p)
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User Info: IkkiLuigi

5 years ago#5
wizard's ability is pretty much
press spacebar
get soulbound drop
if it does enough damage (get higher atk/better spell)
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User Info: Kokuei05

5 years ago#6
Wizard is mad overpowered. It's the only class that has 75 attack and 75 dexterity maxed stats. You're able to dish out mad damage to the point where you can literally skip boss phases. Just so you know, a boss phase is when it performs a different attack, usually at different HP amounts. Being able to burst half it's HP away with your ability while auto-attacking the **** out of them; well, I wouldn't want to be in the bosses shoes.

User Info: thecrossnkight

5 years ago#7
If I were to Tier them

Wizard, Rogue

Necro, Archer, Huntress, Priest,

Assassin, Knight, Warrior, Paladin


The wizard is broken. It deals far to much damage from far to far away and has no downsides whatsoever besides its lack of healing, which every class except three have. A rogue is similar except it's more focused on taking down events/soloing things no other class can do effectively.

Necro is like a slightly weaker wizard with sustain. Archer and Huntress have similar mowing capabilities, but the shortened range/forced spread makes them weaker. Their utility comes in handy though. Priest deals no DPS making it meh aside from the fact it really should NEVER die.

Assassins fit in a very nice jack of all trades roll, and can handle almost any situation, especially in a group. All the melees suffer from being near useless unless maxed, where in the hands of a skillful player they become somewhat beastly. Knights lead the way because of their ability to dominate events though.

Sorc Mystic and Trickster all suffer from mediocre stats. This combined with the sorcerers 'inferior to wizards in every way' ability, tricksters 'Oh god I hope this works properly' ability, and Mystics 'why did they make 90% of the things worth stasising stasis immune' ability they really don't work well aside from some niche settings.
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User Info: tony8669

5 years ago#8
I wouldn't say anything is overpowered, since any class can die in less than a second.

However, IMO the two best classes are wizard and necro. I really love wizard's damage output, but the necro is able to self-heal, which helps with survivability (or at least saves you from having to run to Nexus so often).

I think a lot of people who solo also do Archer, since the range and spread, combined with the class's innate bullet penetration, on a high level bow give it high marks on "the best defense is a good offense".

If I find a three-shot bow, I might make an archer, but for now I'm personally doing necro. Sadly, it's mega-hard to get high level robes and staves.

User Info: megages03

5 years ago#9

Hands down (for all the reasons others have stated).

A lot of people say Necromancer because it can heal, so on paper it looks the better class.
What they miss out however is HOW that heal works.
Firstly, it is a spell that deals damage, and you gain health equal to the damage it deals. This seems fine at first until you realize a lot of the later monsters in the game have a LOT of armor, so suddenly you go from healing a lot, to healing very little (because your damage goes down). The Necromancer is also not mana efficient either. 120 MP to heal 120 HP in a game where base level 20 mana is around 370 means you can try to heal 3 times before being "OOM".

Secondly, your 'heals' can miss. Remember you need to aim the spell before hitting spacebar and if the enemy moves, you hit thin air, wasting precious mana. Spoilers: All enemies move, some more than others. Sprites, for example will have you ripping your hair out!

Third. At this point anyone reading this would argue I am just a bad necromancer and need to learn to play, because the good thing about necromancer is that if you hit multiple mobs, then you deal damage to all of them and that means you get healed BY all of them. Great right? Well, yeah actually it is. Only 1 problem. You cannot steal more health than a monster has remaining. So you may cast your spell and recover full health, or only get 1 HP if the monster had 1 HP remaining. The solution seems easy, steal from healthy foes. But guess what? Their is no enemy life bar. The only way for you to know which enemy is healthy and which is not is to cast the spell and hope for the best. And why would you be casting a healing spell? To heal, right? Good luck with that.

Although the above is hyperbole, and the necromancer is a reliable healer most of the time, the game is very punishing and that ONE TIME you really need a heal, is probably when you are just going to die instead. Also about the skulls, Bosses are often when you need healing, the most. Makes sense, bosses usually live a long time and pack a punch. Because you only heal for the damage you deal, bosses become a REAL pain because most of them have stages where they take no damage at all. Limon is a great example as he spawns little sprite minions that will machine gun you down, are hard to hit (both with shots and spells) and will force you to need to heal until you hit 30 Defence. Only problem is Limon darts around like a madman, and when he stays still he has invun~ frames too, so trying to heal from him... just forget it. and he is an easy boss too, the later ones will chew you up and spit you out if you try that stunt against them.

Although it seems like I am just hating on Necromancer, that isn't the case. Wizard shoots out so much DPS that honestly, it is a safer class to play for the sole reason that dead things can't hurt you and the wizard does just that. makes things dead. It's lack of a healing skill is it's only drawback, and if it could heal outside of potions, honestly, it would be the most played class in the game hands down.
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