Your most played SRW?

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User Info: zoeila

5 years ago#11
OG2 gba 5 runs
J/@/hakai 2.5 runs
W/K/L/@G 2 runs
saisei/OG1 1.5 runs
MXP/AP/R/D incomplete tho in AP i think im at the last stage since lemon and vindel are on the map.
Justina lvl 200 Human F Va30/Hu30/Ra30/Fo18 Lyca lvl 200 Beast F Hu30/Ra25/FO24/VA30 Alisha.EXE Cast F lvl lvl 120 HU16 Shayla lvl 87 newman F HU12/RA4

User Info: sou

5 years ago#12
4F- 4 laps, 2 on Saturn & 2 on PS1 (with max money cheat)
Impact - 4 laps
@2 - 4 laps
@3 - 4 laps
A Portable - 4 laps

Probably no more than 4 laps.
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User Info: SazukeEX

5 years ago#13
Judgement. I'm a sucker for that translation(I don't have to second guess myself over what's happening!) and Calvina was pretty cool. Touya took a while to grow on me and I'm still iffy if he became a man on his own or if it was because the mecha fed him his Father's badassery.
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User Info: Cashino0

5 years ago#14
Hakai: 10 playthroughs
Z1: 7 playthroughs
Alpha 3: 6+ playthroughs

User Info: Hikari_Sword

5 years ago#15
OG2 GBA - about 8 times
OGS - OG1 twice and OG2 twice
OGG - 5 times
Z - 3 times
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User Info: Link_Destined_1

5 years ago#16
Probably J. I'm on my third playthrough, though I just decided to use codes to max out my guys to blast my way through the game. Maybe next time I'll do a no-upgrade run or something...
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User Info: superobo4ever

5 years ago#17
alpha or f final or w > I don't know how many times I played these lol
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User Info: NeoBillbine

5 years ago#18
Alpha played it until Impact came out then went back to play it some more after finishing Impact.
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User Info: Double_Zeta

5 years ago#19
W at 7 times.

User Info: Seiten_Taisen

5 years ago#20
@G. DEM G-BITS. Still havent gotten em.

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