My Problem with the Z Series

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User Info: Cross_of_Snow

5 years ago#21
DemiseEnd posted...
Off topic time !

We need SRW battle assault

Sure, when you explain how the Nu gundam is suppose to beat, let alone fight tengen toppa gurren lagann, or Shin Dragon or Macross battleships.

Aside from the obvious problems, that would be amazing although I'd rather it be in tenkaichi style were we have wide movement area, relatively good animations, among other advantages.

back on topic: Trans-am burst will most likely have some interseries work behind it. Its to be expected given its purpose, but there are ways to make it better.

Its another wall of text though, so I hold back on typing it.
My must haves list: Super Robot Wars Z2.2, Half minute hero 2, KHDDD, Pikmin 3

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