Part of the game that let you down?

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User Info: hakennanbu

5 years ago#31
Ji6sun posted...
No playable Arc Gurren Lagann.

That one is understandable. It only had the one punch in the show and the GDB in the movie. I'd rather have the regular GL with all of its attacks than the Arc Gurren with only two.

but they can bring cathederal lazenggan as an unit right? just kick dragons hive i never use it anyway
that is, my friend, the EPICEST OST of gurren lagann

User Info: dydt

5 years ago#32
No Alto/Brera combo. No seriously, I could do without the Durandal but I must have me some combos.
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User Info: MasterGaryOak

5 years ago#33
Setsuna when going true innovator.
I thought, it would be like seed mode with the portait/cuts changing.
And the lack gundam 00 raiser Gn blade 3 moves.

Can't even use some units, skills, moves till late game.

Li-brasta - sloppy with the animations and stiff like a board.

and 90% what everyone else mentioned in this topic.

User Info: KOFXIII

5 years ago#34
Simon not shouting "Ark Gurren Lagann! FURU PAWAA"

only thing i dislike about burst spinning punch in this. that line is so much hype.

User Info: foo136

5 years ago#35
Black Ox was incredibly weak for a non-heal/supply unit.

Everything having to do with Gurren Lagann was poorly handled or just plain left out.

No Epyon. I don't even care about it, but giving us Todou's subordinates over Epyon is a kick in the junk.

I liked the game, but man was it disppointing.
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User Info: Shouta

5 years ago#36
Some original stuff for the Z1 units and the Z2 ones that finished their story in Hakai-hen would've been nice. I was fine with most everything else. I kind of wish we had gotten Ozma back earlier too to see more Basara/Ozma antics as well.

GL ended at the perfect spot and it was handled in the manner that worked best to me.

User Info: SchLeiM

5 years ago#37
most of it has already been mentioned, but my personal letdowns are:

-no gn blade III for 00
-no epyon secret
-not enough dynamic kills
- z1 guys lack some music ( especially the seed guys, they had so many awesome tracks in the first z :/ )

User Info: Cashino0

5 years ago#38
Shouta posted...
GL ended at the perfect spot and it was handled in the manner that worked best to me.

Same. The story would have needed to go completely out of its way to do the Spiral Space arc. We can save that for Z3, which will probably end up having a lot of other series which rely on deep space.

I have a feeling that most complaints about TTGL not getting finished are similar to how GGG didn't finish back in Alpha 2.

User Info: Johnnykey

5 years ago#39
Here's just some of mine:

@ stage 37 and still only 2 Macross F songs? Give me a break...

Macross 7 was handled awesomely, but no Holy Lonely Light.

No Pailsen Files BGM.

Some cut-ins have been changed for the sake of... changing (many have been around for 2 games now), many of them are worse now, that includes Garrod, Amuro, Kira, Athrun, (just to name a few). Sumeragi's is crap compared to Z2-1. This is the most disappointing aspect for me (cause it's the most frequently noticeable). And Lacus here has a very bad cut-in here, because 1 - she never smiles during battle and 2 - she has about the best cut-in on Z1 ( @ 2:50).

User Info: Cashino0

5 years ago#40
Johnnykey posted...
No Pailsen Files BGM.

You'll get Tetsu no Lullaby after VOTOM's finishes (its the default theme of the Scopedog ISS and the Double Missile Pod Scopedog).
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