Z2-2 second playthrough revival

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User Info: MJEmirzian

5 years ago#21
Scenario 44: Advent!! The Evil God that Brings Forth the End!
SR Point: Defeat all enemies, then defeat Shin Dragon by Turn 4.
3 turns

Replayed in 3 turns instead of 4. Scenario 44 marks the beginning of the endgame scenarios. That means less reliance on dodge/iron wall tanking and counterattacks, and more reliance on MAPs, awaken, enable, hope, and supply. Right on cue the first high HP boss shows up. Not a very complicated scenario, mostly grunt beating and then having enough resources left to finish off the boss.

Scenario 45: Dimension Power
SR Point: Defeat all enemies, then defeat Rook ADAMON by Turn 4.
3 turns

Wasn't able to finish in 2 turns, although I got a cleaner boss kill on turn 3.

Scenario 46: The Lost Holy Kingdom
SR Point: Defeat 24 or more enemies by Turn 2's Player Phase.
1 turn

Replayed in 1 turn instead of 2. Once you defeat 24 enemies and get the SP, a lv 70 boss + reinforcements arrive. Defeat the boss to end the scenario. Ryoma is the best candidate for the lv 70 boss kill. I barely managed to get the Insalaum's Secret Treasure while still 1 turning. This part is mostly useful because it grants Accel to pilots that can't learn it, like Banjou (why did he get Fervor/Spirit instead of Bravery/Spirit??).

Scenario 47: Line of Death! Dr. Hell's Final Assault!
SR Point: Defeat all enemies, then defeat Ashura, Brocken, and Pygman by Turn 4. You must also defeat Ashura, Brocken, and Pygman in the same Turn.
Victory Condition:
3 turns

Still got a 3 turn clear, mostly because the 3 initial bosses don't start moving until turn 3. I don't have enough Awaken/Enable to give a bunch of pilots an extra boost to kill the 3 bosses then have enough left to take out Dr Hell on the same turn.

Scenario 48: God Bless The Universe
SR Point: Defeat 50 or more enemies by Turn 4's Player Phase.
3 turns

Replayed in 3 turns instead of 4. After defeating most of the initial enemies, a similar 2nd wave appears. After defeating most of those you'll get the skill point and Muge will appear. Muge always counters first and you need to dodge or his attack will disable all of your robot's commands, so pilots without flash or sense can't hit him unless they use a MAP. High damage robots w/ Flash or Sense: Zanbot 3, God Sigma, Godmars, Walker-Gallia, Aquarion (Sirius), Dancouga, Dancouga Nova, Shin Getter, Baldios (Love), Daitarn 3, Kamiyu, Hiiro, Gravion Zwei, The Big O. I was distracted while recording so the video took a while.

Wanted to 2 turn this, but the amount of awaken needed to get to the boss and the amount of enable needed to clear out the spread out grunts wasn't working for me.

Scenario 49: Zero and Lelouch
SR Point: Defeat Avalon. Avalon will retreat when any one of these conditions occur:
It has less than 10000 HP.
Survived until Turn 5.
There are less than 10 enemy units on the map.
1 turn

Replayed in 1 turn instead of 3. After you defeat enough enemies or on 2PP, Avalon will show himself. Even after getting the SP you still have to destroy all enemies. This is the first scenario where I mop the floor with the Turn A Gundam. It's only the last 12 scenarios where the Turn A is a grunt vanquishing terror on a no upgrade/pp run, and I think it's a nice change of pace and gives the player some new strats to figure out.
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User Info: MJEmirzian

5 years ago#22
Scenario 50: U.F.N. Resolution #1
SR Point: Defeat all enemies, then defeat the Logres Class battleship (Charles) by Turn 3.
2 turns

Thankfully I made it onto the alternate route this time. I missed the spacious 24-30 unit deployment cap in the last 10 scenarios. Once all enemies are defeated, reinforcements arrive. Defeat the boss to end the scenario. I was unable to 2 turn this scenario. The enemies are too spread out and reinforcements are too much to deal with. Mapping with the Turn A and Wing Zero eats up a ton of SP and I didn't have enough. Managed to 2 turn it by mapping most of the reinforcements. No first turn, the capture device ate it.

I had several important goals I wanted to reach on this scenario. I got Margaret to lv 64 to learn Enable and got Esther high enough lvl to use Hope 3x. Also working on getting Quattro, Kira, and Final Dancouga Awaken at 63-64.

Scenario 51: King of War Peacecraft
SR Point: Defeat all Vayate and Mercurius by Turn 2.
1 turn

Very easy scenario that mainly serves as a training ground to get more kills/levels. After getting the SP, 3 bosses show up. After defeating Lewis and/or Bushido, Aim and some fake Aim grunts show up. Defeat the "true" Aim to end the scenario. The real Aim is lv 75 and has 97.2k HP. Give Shin Getter the kill to get it to lv 75 or so. Managed to get the Iron Emblem by getting Gurren-Lagan and Macross Bship their ace bonuses, and made some good level progress with Kira. Once Kira learns Enable she turns mainly into a support pilot, although she's still a capable MAP attacker if needed.

Scenario 52: Desperate Endgame
SR Point: Defeat all initial enemies by Turn 3.
1 turn

Another easy map. After killing the initial enemies, reinforcements arrive. Kill the reinforcement boss (Fortress Damocles) to end the scenario.

The double XP part that you get from earning the Iron Medal is extremely powerful. The Big O went from lv 60 to 66 by killing a lv 63 boss w/ Luck seishin. You get quadruple XP from any kill if Luck seishin is active.

Scenario 53: The Final Victor
SR Point: After Heero reaches the destination point, defeat all enemies, then destroy Libra by Turn 4.
1 turn

Move Hiiro to the destination point, destroy all grunts, then destroy Miriarudo in the Libra for the SP. The grunts are spread out all over the place so I used Hiiro to do some MAP attacking before moving him to the goal. Enemy reinforcements will appear at 2-3 o clock. Destroy the Gundam Epyon and Tallgeese II to finish the scenario. Barely managed to 1 turn it.

Scenario 54: Showdown!! Towards Endless Evolution!
SR Point: Have any one of your unit defeat 10 or more enemies when you clear the stage.
2 turns

After destroying 30 enemies, varja grunts show up on the west end of the map. After destroying 38 enemies, some allies show up including Shin Getter Dragon - that means 2x more Hope and Supply. The lv 90 boss will appear on 2PP if you've defeated about 60-65 enemies by the end of 1EP, or on 3PP regardless of enemies defeated. Defeat the boss to end the scenario. It's pretty obvious Hiiro or Kamiyu will get the SP in this scenario. It's impossible to 1 turn this scenario. Even if you defeat all enemies on turn 1, Stinger & Cowen won't appear until 2 PP. With that in mind, it's easiest to ignore the very high HP grunts. For some reason, I got Luke at 149 SP, 1 SP short of 2x Enable. Have to get him a level up.

A lv 90 boss means a huge XP gain for any of your pilots. I put the Iron Medal on Shin Getter so it was earning 500-800XP every time it attacked the boss w/ Luck. After a lot of Enable/Hope spam, Shin Getter ended the scenario at lv 95.
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User Info: MJEmirzian

5 years ago#23
Scenario 55: The God of Darkness Revives
SR Point: Defeat all enemies, then defeat Kou Mugann and Kyo Mugann by Turn 3.
1 turn

Once you defeat either Kou Mugann or Kyo Mugann, lv 75 Asakim shows up as an enemy. Once you defeat both Kou and Kyo, a combined Koukyo Mugann boss appears near Kou and Kyo's starting position. After defeating the combined boss, Cathedral Razengan appears in the middle of the map. Destroy it to end the scenario. Gurren does extra damage to any spiral enemies so it's worth using it to beat on any bosses in range.

Everyone starts at max morale. Good start to the scenario! Barely managed a 1 turn using plenty of tricks.

Scenario 56: Spiral of Hell
SR Point: Defeat all initial enemies by Turn 3's player phase.
2 turns

Surrounded by spread out grunts, pretty much the worst setup for MAP attacks. You regain all of your SP once you defeat the grunts and Muge and Zuul arrive, so spend as much as you can to clear out the grunts. Once again Muge has its crippling stun attack so don't attack with anyone that can't dodge it. Since everyone regains their SP, the bosses are very easy to defeat and I had tons of Hope/Enable SP to spare on raising my repair/resupply pilot levels. I got Esther to 90, Sayaka to 77, and Trider Bot to 71.

Zuul and Muge are both lv 75. The Anti-Lagann in the second portion of the scenario is also lv 75. Plenty of opportunities to get your pilots up in levels. The second portion of the scenario is basically a free pass to get some more XP and kills for your pilots. Other than getting the SP, this was a really easy scenario with a lot of opportunities for XP/kills.

Scenario 57: Next Frontier
SR Point: Defeat 30 or more enemies, then defeat Giant Ranka by Turn 3.
1 turn

Another very easy scenario. So easy I probably should have left Shin Getter out so I could train it during intermission. Basara can make all of the high HP grunts flee, while any of your MAP attackers can clean up the rest. After that take out as many reinforcements as possible for XP/kills. I used my spare Awakens to level up Renton in the Nirvash.

A lot of scripted stuff happens whenever you kill one of the reinforcement bosses, so be ready for your pilots to run around on their own or leave your party temporarily.

Scenario 58: Innovation
SR Point: Defeat Gadessa and Garozzo by Turn 3.

This isn't as difficult as it appears. The SP is easy to get - defeat Gadessa and Garozzo. If the SP was defeat all enemies then Gadessa and Garozzo we'd have a bit more of a problem. Once Reborn Gundam appears, reduce its HP below 70% and it will regen and Varja Queen will show up. Then defeat the Varja Queen and Reborn Gundam. All grunts can be safely ignored unless they block your path to the bosses. The Reborn Gundam and Varja Queen are both lv 90. I suggest letting Kamiyu and Gurren-Lagan get the kills. Reborn Gundam appears at 12 o clock on the north edge of the screen, and Vajra Queen appears at the vortex spot on the planet.

I'm pretty disappointed with the difficulty of scenarios 50-58. 50 and 53-55 were ok, the rest have been way too easy. I'm pretty sure 59 and 60 will be decent at least.

Scenario 59: Insalaum's Betrayal
SR Point: Defeat all enemies, then defeat Palace Insalaum by Turn 4.
1 turn

Compared to scenario 59 on the normal route, there are more high HP grunts and you have to defeat both Marilyn and Asakim. You also have to destroy all reinforcements. Yuka doesn't show up, though, so I don't think it's quite as difficult overall. Strat remains mostly the same - use Turn A to drop some MAPs on the high HP grunts, use awaken spam and more MAPs to kill the weaker nearby grunts, and save enough hope/enable to take out the bosses with supers.

User Info: MJEmirzian

5 years ago#24
Scenario 60: Rebirth's Dimension
1 turn

Compared to the normal route, you have to defeat Yusa (162k HP, starts at 150 morale) instead of Asakim, and Gaiou has higher stats. If you tell Crowe to say he wants a challenge, Gaiou will be lv 99, have 400300 HP and start at 170 morale. The main issue is having enough hope/enable/supply to keep plugging away at the bosses with Shin Getter and Gurren-Lagan until they're defeated. I had a few hope/enable to spare by the time I defeated lv 99 Gaiou, but not much. Shin Getter fittingly ends the battle at lv 99 itself.

First Playthrough: 261 turns / 60 scens = 4.35
Second Playthrough: 208 turns / 60 scens = 3.46

53 turns faster on the 2nd playthrough.. decent result I think. I definitely built my party better, amassing more hope/enable seishin and leveling key pilots like Gurren, Getter, and Kamiyu to far higher levels to far higher levels. It also helped a lot that I got Basara and Ryoma their ace bonuses. I'm totally done with z2-2 now.

I've uploaded scenario 60B first, and I'll get to the rest of the video uploads soon. Thanks for watching/reading.

Scenario 60b: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGOLFSVlAGE

User Info: MJEmirzian

5 years ago#25
Believe in Zero (ZEXIS Route)
S50b: 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dk_ZHNlGY3I
S51b: 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oemMldyxiqo
S52b: 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nYARoEPvGgQ
S53b: 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iFZgf18vC6E
S54b: 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WO6wO8G95gg
S55b: 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2BMYu0ITWWI
S56b: 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MV8oVSwj-mU
S57b: 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sy0LQNmZxqU
S58b: 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dgtft-1Izdg
S59b: 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5KYcSTaZmI
S60b: 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGOLFSVlAGE

Will upload Scen 32b to Scen 49 soon (14 vids to go)
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User Info: DemiseEnd

5 years ago#26
The fact that this game has :

1. No level scalling
2. Easy to spam both hope and Enable

Seems kinda unfair.... I think i know how someone can 97 turns Z2-2 now....
Just for comparison sake tho, IIRC W only has Two Enable user and 5 - 6 or so Hope user, and Hope is 30 SP for 10 SP.....
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User Info: MJEmirzian

5 years ago#27
Enemy levels mean little. It's enemy robot upgrade bars that are more important, and those never go above 40%. I'd love to see more enemy variety and different strategies needed instead of just grunts and bosses.

It's not quite that easy to reach the amount of hope and enable spam that I did. You still have to level all the pilots who are capable of casting it. I'm not sure if it'd be possible to defeat lv 99 Gaioh without using hope/enable. I do think hope/enable should be nerfed, but I doubt that will happen. At least there's no Ressurect seishin (easily the most OP seishin in older SRWs).

I spent the first 50 or so scenarios without using much (if any) hope/enable, so I consider the last 10 a change of pace that requires different strategies. Some of the end game scenarios are too easy regardless of hope/enable spam. If I stopped using hope/enable, I'd be back to the same strats I used in scenarios 1-50 - accel, iron wall, focus, confuse, counterattacks, support attack/defend, a few MAPs here and there, etc. I'd just be doing more of the same in 50-60.. the only difference would be Gaioh would take a lot longer to kill, if it's possible at all.

If SRW W has OP supers that can nearly solo the game, it doesn't matter much what support seishins the other pilots have.
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User Info: DemiseEnd

5 years ago#28
Actualy they can't actualy solo or anything(well, except for 4 part VZC with several level of upgrades. Many were exageratting W's easiness)

Ehh overall I think I must finish the damn run first, although I still don't see how Ressurect is broken, does it recover the SP ? On one of your reviews I read that they are revived at 100 will...
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User Info: MJEmirzian

5 years ago#29
Resurrect recovers the unit at 100 morale and full SP (including all sub-pilots). In SRW4 you can keep suiciding Shin Getter on endgame bosses. The reason 100 morale resurrect is important is because Resupply seishin reduces morale by 10 in those older games, so you'll usually end up suiciding Shin Getter with less than 100 morale.

I decided to give Z2-1 a try. Z2-1's early game is definitely more difficult than Z2-2, mainly due to your party's low levels and lack of seishin/SP. It doesn't help that they throw high HP enemies at you early on.

The Japan route is easier than the Colony and CB routes, but it's not a complete joke like the Z2-2 Japan route. I thought the Japan route was the most fair out of the routes because you have some super tanks rather than weak dodge pilots. As usual the Japan route awards the best parts even though it's the easiest route.

The Colony and CB routes are rough on a no pp/upgrade run because you don't have enough SP to keep Focus up on your dodge pilots, and even with Focus their hit/dodges rates are lousy. The Votoms, Macross, and Geass pilots/robots are very weak at low levels. Even if your strategy is good the RNG will probably screw you over on those two routes.

SRW Z2 turn counts

S1: 3
S2: 3

Japan Route #1
S3a: 3
S4a: 4

Colony/Area 11 Route #1
S3b: 3
S4b: 3

Japan Route #2
S5a: 4
S6a: 3
S7a: 5
S8a: 5
S9a: 4

Colony/Area 11 Route #2
S5b: 5
S6b: 4
S7b: 3
S8b: 5
S9b: 5

Celestial Being Route
S5c: 3
S6c: 6
S7c: 4
S8c: 5
S9c Japan: 4
S9c Colony: 5

Japan Route #3
S10a: 5
S11a: 3
S12a: 5

Colony/Area 11 Route #3
S10b: 6
S11b: 3
S12b: 5
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User Info: DemiseEnd

5 years ago#30
I think that explains

Come to think of it most newer games are will oriented, as far as damage goes, with usually exception on Mazingers(who also has MP.... so yeah)
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