Z2-2 second playthrough revival

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User Info: MJEmirzian

5 years ago#31
Unfortunately I haven't played any modern SRWs besides OG, OG2, Z2-1, and Z2-2 so far.

Anyway, last set of re-recorded videos with reduced turn counts.

Space #3 Route
S32b: 4 (-1) http://youtu.be/JJ8_O_8gzEQ
S33b: 6 (-1) http://youtu.be/mlEbkvIE_p0
S34b: 3 (0)
S35b: 5 (-1)

S36 : 4 (-1) http://youtu.be/vb3E9W3cz_0
S37 : 3 (-1) http://youtu.be/gBZDIv9Eg5A

Dark Continent Route #2
S38a: 4 (-2) http://youtu.be/BZEXH7-jM_8

S39 : 3 (-2) http://youtu.be/3DIVgUV0BUI
S40 : 2 (-3) http://youtu.be/XMROeYmnlcs

Frontier Fleet Route
S41b: 5 (-3) http://youtu.be/OG01Xg4fBV8
S42b: 3 (-1) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lpXuxScu6ls
S43b: 4 (-1) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=htfhp_Rvpdc

S44 : 3 (-1) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWW_Gi19qLs
S45 : 3 (0) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M76DJNEgheQ
S46 : 1 (-1) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJUdGlClNd8
S47 : 3 (0) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHkdr4okxYo
S48 : 3 (-1) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83pww5rx58s
S49 : 1 (-2) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PVwjQqOc3QI

Scenario 40 took an hour or two of planning to 2 turn on a no upgrade/pp run so check that out if you have time.

Btw have you guys seen this translation patch for Z2-1? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nMluUYLOMs8

User Info: hakennanbu

5 years ago#32
what does the translation patch do? just translating the menu or does it translate the story as well?
because i already memorize the menu and the mech's name
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User Info: MJEmirzian

5 years ago#33
It looks like it's mostly a menu only patch.
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User Info: Ardha_nari

5 years ago#34
MJEmirzian posted...

I decided to give Z2-1 a try. Z2-1's early game is definitely more difficult than Z2-2, mainly due to your party's low levels and lack of seishin/SP. It doesn't help that they throw high HP enemies at you early on.

The Japan route is easier than the Colony and CB routes, but it's not a complete joke like the Z2-2 Japan route. I thought the Japan route was the most fair out of the routes because you have some super tanks rather than weak dodge pilots. As usual the Japan route awards the best parts even though it's the easiest route.

The Colony and CB routes are rough on a no pp/upgrade run because you don't have enough SP to keep Focus up on your dodge pilots, and even with Focus their hit/dodges rates are lousy. The Votoms, Macross, and Geass pilots/robots are very weak at low levels. Even if your strategy is good the RNG will probably screw you over on those two routes.

In Z2-1, I went purely on the CB Route during my first playthrough and the hardest part about it was probably keeping the non real aces alive. It's doable on a no upgrade run considering that I played right up until Stage 20 or so without upgrades until I got bored. I never had that much problem with accuracy rates at all in Z2-1 except against Votoms enemies.

Aoi and Takeru probably suffer the most in a no upgrade run.

Also are you going to try out the DS SRW games after you finish Z2-1?
Formerly Ardhamon2341

User Info: MJEmirzian

5 years ago#35
Hi Ardha, not sure how you didn't have trouble with accuracy. Maybe my standards for accuracy are higher than yours. I don't like to have less than 85% to hit/dodge.. don't like getting RNG screwed. Even with 11/11B Crowe dishing out Attune, I'm usually having issues with my pilots having 80% hit rates even after focus. It doesn't help that they run out of SP so quickly. I also like to go for low turn counts so I tend to push up against the limits of the RNG when it comes to going on the offense.

I haven't had too much trouble with Takeru. His inherent hit rates are pretty good once he's transformed. Aoi has a lousy hit rate but no worse than other pilots, and at least she has Iron Wall for superior tanking. I think the units to suffer the most on a no pp/upgrade run as usual are reals that get 2 shot, just like in Z2-2. However, even considering an upgrade/pp run you also get a lot less funds in Z2-1. I'm on scenario 19 and I still haven't made a million funds. In Z2-2 I think I had a million by scenario 7 or something silly like that, even with no carryover bonus!

On the other hand if you're doing an upgrade/pp run on Z2-1, the easiest way to get around any sort of difficulty is to friendly fire MAP your own units while repairing/resupplying them. Once most of your repair/resupply pilots are lv 99 w/ access to Hope, Enable, Supply, etc. Z2-1 becomes trivial.

Yeah I do want to play the DS SRWs, I'd like to try all of the main SRW games out eventually.
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User Info: DemiseEnd

5 years ago#36
Lol im waiting for your DS SRW playthrough, although you might not like the numerous amount of bugs, and maybe the difficulty.....

And IIRC you havent played Alpha yet
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User Info: RetsuxD

5 years ago#37
Have you tried out the first Z game?

I started playing it recently and it's basically Low SP counts: The Game.

User Info: DemiseEnd

5 years ago#38
RetsuxD posted...
Have you tried out the first Z game?

I started playing it recently and it's basically Low SP counts: The Game.

Worse than L ? Z still has Dem Spec 2 and Dem Tri Squad system tho
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User Info: MJEmirzian

5 years ago#39
I'm not a big fan of bugs.. I've heard there are some big ones in the GBA and DS games. Nope I haven't extensively played anything between Compact and Z2-1 besides the English OG1 and 2 on GBA.

Continuing my Z2-1 run. The standout was scenario 20 with all the reinforcements and high hp/dodge enemies. Gaioh appearing on 23 was fun, but he didn't stay long.

I'm looking at the next route split (24-27) and the Area 11 route looks ugly.. not because of the enemies, but because you get stuck with some of the worst pilots/robots in the game.

Frontline Route
S16a: 4
S17a: 8
S18a: 3

Covert Route
S16b: 5
S17b: 5
S18b: 4

S19: 4
S20: 5
S21: 4
S22: 3
S23: 3

90 turns/23 scenarios so far in Z2-1. Barely keeping under a 4 turn average. Not too bad considering it's a first run and no pp/upgrade. I don't think I'll be replaying Z2-1 a second time, though.

So far Z2-1 has been significantly more difficult than Z2-2. Maybe that will change in the mid, late, and endgame.
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User Info: DemiseEnd

5 years ago#40
Its actualy the kind where its oh-so-conveniently made for casual bug :


R : an amusing one where your EN extend beyond the bar. To get this, you need to take the ogre secret, WITHOUT ever upgrading your Ogre throughout the game. This will cause a sort of graphic bug where your EN bar break through the bar because the reward(free full upgrade) isn't given until after the battle

D : not a bug per se, damage scaling issue. More or less

J : again, not really a bug, but a massive programming oversight :
1. Thanks to the way that the game define route split units, there is an oversight where Koji will ask about some events, said events where he can be deployed on. This is actualy caused thanks to the fact that Koji is supposed to be an exclusive on other route, but they forgot to program it in.
2. Anytime your unit is at 0 % hit chance thanks to stats, the enemy won't target them, preferring easy to hit unit. Super. Do the math
3. A way to deply an extra unit. Split any splittable combiner. Put the material on battleship. Switch them. This basically gives you one extra deployment because you deployed the material for one slot, get two unit from splits, and get 2 new unit at cost of 1 by switching. Kinda not worth it since the unit who can do that are a high class unit

W :
- A money bug, of sorts where you can sell your stuff and get free money. Simply sell your item during intermission, and game over. The game over reset your item, but not your money. So, sell stuff, get money, game over, repeat. This isn't actualy a problem for Minimalized Run plathrough
- A same abuse on bug above. That applies to PP. Its the same as the money bug, except it abuse the fact that PP is not reset, thus using PP increasing parts for this. Again, not a problem thanks to the existence of math and no PP run. And in this game, PP is nothing more but extra stats.
- No Size Penalty skill parts has no effect.
- Size penalty against smaller unit is non existant as far as I observe
- Damage penalty against higher unit is non existant, although Bigger to Smaller still has a bonus damage
- SP bug where you can "recover" your PP "illegally". This actualy only work on 3 or so unit. Again, its extremely avoidable

K :
- Valor splitting IIRC. Valor on combiners, split. Double damage on materials. I'm not really sure about this tbh

L :
- Infinite use of Valor and Soul for support, simply cast Valor one by one and its not a massive issue
- A way to do a support attack a unit for itself(amusingly, this is a feature in Z). I don't know the details, but a topic on L board detailed it.
- A bug where Iczer loses sub pilot during combination on a game over.
- Michel will die if his kills are 992 or more

That's it, hope its useful
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