Alpha 3 Subbed

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User Info: theonedalek

5 years ago#1
Im not sure if this should go here but @3 board is probably dead.

Anny way the youtube user Zeromuskai is doing a subbed playthough of @3.

User Info: balkj06

5 years ago#2
Thank you SO Much whoever is doing this
with that been said I do prefer a transcript over a subbed video

On that note are their any other Super robot wars games that have a video sub or transcript?

With Alpha getting translated, :)
Alpha gaiden already translated :)
Alpha 2 getting a transcript :) (almost done) (Sanger Route only) :)
and Now Alpha 3 getting subbed :)

English speaking fans can soon fully enjoy the story of Alpha !!!!


User Info: SazukeEX

5 years ago#3
Well, this is great. I have much better insight on Selena now.
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User Info: Dog_1632

5 years ago#4
balkj06 posted...
Alpha 2 getting a transcript :) (almost done) (Sanger Route only) :)

Are you talking about CRose's Translation? I don't think that has been updated in years.

Or is it something else?
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User Info: gvz

5 years ago#5
I think after I finish my Saisei playthrough (and a month or so break) I'm going to try to do a transcript of the entire game, however long that may take.
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