So ... only one Denpa woman huh ...

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User Info: Uminekofan226

5 years ago#11
Okay good thought I would be stuck with her in my party forever and have to put one of my main party members out my party consist of

Clifton hero small and green ( has revive obviously )

Trevon my healer light blue and normal size

Ismael my all-around character no antenna white and normal size

Kyron my second all-around character no antenna orange and small

Dario my powerhouse black and no antenna

Damari my ice guy ice blade ( kinda obvious ) light blue and small

Glenn fast one red and small no antenna

Trevor ( Not Trevon! ) Bright flash normal size and white

I never died except during digitoll cave the first time with only 4 denpa!
I'm just saying

User Info: Uminekofan226

5 years ago#12
Sorry but i said "have to put one of my main party members out my party consist of"

Should have spell checked!
I'm just saying

User Info: SapphireOfChaos

5 years ago#13
During first trips through dungeons, I like to have more physicals than mages, but if I know for a fact what things are weak to that I can take advantage of, then I swap out my slower or weaker guys. Right now, farming for a Natural in the volcanic crater from Torch Ghosts, so I got my hero (built as a physical attacker with Giraffe clothes and Water Bracelet), Crystal (with Clubs and speed gear to act first to use Holy Water so my attackers can use better equips to kill them), two water attack-all, a single-target wind (Cactus Claw killer), a single-target light attack Denpa (for massive Torch Ghost damage even if I can't get Holy Water out just yet, and for the occasional Golden Ham, who doesn't take much from physical hitters), and two high power/speed physical attackers, non-antenna, with Light Bracelets on for insane ghost-slaying power. Suffice to say, AP is the only issue here, and I can go for about 40 battles or so without having to leave and heal AP and whatnot.
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User Info: AceGamer11x

5 years ago#14
Chaosmaster00 posted...
There are females, but they're pretty rare. Out of about 130 Denpas I have, besides Crystal, I only have about 10 girls...

Crystal is my only girl T-T never use her though :T
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