RIP in peace ds

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User Info: Emoglobin

4 years ago#1
goodnight sweet prince
"There's no point having the biggest and most explosive gun operated by someone who can only use a slingshot. That's what the Vita is"

User Info: Zyphir420

4 years ago#2
RIP in peace lol
GT: PansNemesis

User Info: spartansbrother

4 years ago#3
see ps2
*wipes brown*

User Info: Pururut

4 years ago#4
One of my favorite handhelds is sadly near its end. Rest in peace.

User Info: niels200683

4 years ago#5
Even PS2 got a fifa 2013...

I wouldn't be surprised to see more new releases in the future - especially since the all models of the 3DS are fully backwards compatible, instead of just the first production run.
Nintendo Wii: Putting the 'p' in 'Epic'.
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User Info: Galcian

4 years ago#6
RIP the ds
A new era

User Info: spartansbrother

4 years ago#7
ds yo time is up
*wipes brown*

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